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Right After Attacking Trump, Meryl Streep Got EPIC Dose of Karma Last Night!



Maybe y’all have heard by now that Meryl Streep went up in front of the Golden Globes last night and talked crap on Trump for a whole 6 minutes straight. She seriously couldn’t shut up!

Well, if she thought she could get away with it, she was dead wrong. Not only did Trump come back swinging, but all of Twitter seemed to be on his side!

You know he is right too. I’m not saying Trump’s so-called “impression” of the guy was nice, but it’s the SAME damn impression he does of EVERYBODY!

And, like I said, Twitter seemed to have Trump’s back. For instance, Meghan McCain tweeted,

I think they pretty much hit that one dead on. Meryl Streep’s speech last night showed everything that’s wrong with Hollywood and the way they think of themselves. (H/T – Daily Mail)

She apparently thinks that because she knows people from small towns she is just like the rest of us and acting proves it. CRAZINESS!

If you didn’t get to check out her Golden Globes speech last night, don’t sweat it. I got a version right here that captures it beautifully.

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Source: Libertywritersnews

  • Barb Bennett says:

    How come Meryl didn’t mention the white austistic fella who was mocked and tortured by 4 black idiots on Facebook? If she is so concerned about special needs, why was he completely ignored????

  • Meryl Streep is a has been I never watched a movie she was in. I never thought much of her. All these so called actors and so called actresses think they are all that. They arent.

    • Sue Seals says:

      Meryl Streep needs to do her research before she opens her BIG mouth, on top of the soapbox we all have paid to put her on! Ms Streep now dry those fake tears about the fake news story. How about you get back to acting…it’s obviously the only thing you know. Btw, nobody cares what you think! Period!

  • C Nelsen says:

    I won’t share this with anyone – M.S. is a moron, narcissistic old lady who THINKS she knows everything – but can’t speak her own words – she, like ALL actors have to have the words they speak written and thought of by someone else that is PAID to write words for them…She “makes a living” at PRETENDING to be someone she is not, speaking words that are NOT her’s and reading anything she says from a “script”…not very bright in my book…
    GET A REAL LIFE lady…

  • m conyers says:

    The fact that she had lost her voice to me says a lot. Take the hint next time Meryl Streep

  • CF