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Counties across the U.S. are keeping dead people, felons, and former residents on their voters rolls in violation of federal law, leaving the opportunity for voter fraud wide open — and the feds aren’t doing anything about it.

RealClear Politics’ investigative unit published an in-depth analysis Thursday, revealing the widespread practice of counties nationwide who refuse to clean up their voter rolls. The report showed Los Angeles is California’s worst offender, and further found that 400 counties out of America’s 2,800 “have voter registration rates over 100 percent.”

Author Mark Hemingway wrote, “In sum, America’s voter rolls are a mess — and everyone knows it. While voter registration rates are over 100 percent are not proof of fraud, they certainly create opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist, such as voting twice in different precincts or the potential for requesting and filling out absentee ballots.”
Much of Hemingway’s piece echoes the concerns of attorney David Roland, who proved election fraud in St. Louis after the 2016 election. Roland revealed widespread violations of absentee ballot laws in a scheme used against his client, Missouri House candidate Bruce Franks, who lost his primary election to a fellow Democrat.

That case was further bolstered by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which found specific examples of the misdoings. A new election was held, and Franks won in a landslide.

Roland told TheBlaze, “We would all like to believe that our public officials are conducting fair and lawful elections, but the risks and the consequences of election fraud are so significant that citizens have to look over their shoulders.”

Hemingway also addressed the contentious 2018 gubernatorial race, “where Democrat Stacey Abrams has still not formally conceded to now-Gov. Brian Kemp, because during his tenure as secretary of state, she observed, ‘more than a million citizens found their names stripped from the rolls.'”

According to National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin, Democrats view such tidying up as a violation of prospective voters’ rights. He retweeted Hemingway’s article Thursday, saying, “According to Democratic Party orthodoxy, it’s ‘voter suppression’ to remove people from the rolls who are not citizens, not residents, or not living. In the real world, keeping the voter rolls up to date is just good government.”

McLaughlin further noted, “The fact that Los Angeles County has 1.6 million more registered voters than eligible voters is a California problem. In a national popular vote system, it could become a national problem. 1.6 million is larger than the population of 11 states.”

  • Lisa Balla Millar says:

    Simple Solution to voting fraud. All voters should be require to bring their previous IRS tax forms and ID with them. SS # should be registered and later verified. It should be easy to scan these docs. and a very heft fine for fraudulent voting. The $500 or $1000 fine will compensate for a lot of things, like pay for the scanners, the hired people to investigate, etc.

  • mike dar says:

    The California assembly passed legal ‘Ballot harvesting’, I’m betting a few more States will do the same, the same way, wait till right before voting day>< 2weeks before and pass regs to allow it… so short a time frame before elections that the issue cannot be ruled on in court objections before votes are tallied.
    The Absentee 'vote'.. is done by Absentee ballots… meaning unless harvested, they have to me delivered… by mail. The process of 'mail' means they go through a Mail Sorting Center/Warehouse… and get stamped as "Mailed"/marked as such.
    in the last Special elections a timely occurrence happened when a "Agency Audit" was under way at that time… and 7 Warehouses were inspected… 6 were found to be rotating Election Ballots, over and over to the rear of the processing line. WHen Warehoue Managers were questioned the managers stated they were not aware "Special Elections were underway… that the Ballots/envelopes were having difficulty going through the machines.
    The Warehouses didn't have this problem in the general elections.. the envelops were identical.
    Almost every single Absentee Ballots is mailed USPS…
    they go through USPS warehouses largely staffed with Dem voters and unionized..
    The Ballots conveniently get processed in strange manners..
    6 of 7 USPS warehouses were doing it..
    Only Mail Inspectors and Agency Auditors can demand entry to a 'Warehouse without a warrant.
    The only way to get 'extra boxes' of Absentee ballots to appear to have been mailed(stamped) and for them to get mixed in(Sorted) with many thousands of actual mailed in ballots… is via the sorting centers.
    There are a plenitude of Fraud opportunities but Absentee Ballots are a very big one… why we haven't heard more about the Sorting centers since the 'special election's I'm not sure of… the sorting centers are pivot-able to enabling large scale Absentee Fraud…
    for those questioning how Absentee Ballots not actually dropped into a mailbox getting to the warehouse… just look at how many Mail trucks going in and out of the centers, from every location in a city and from city to city.

  • SusanP says:

    I know this to be a real problem. I purchased a house in 2009 and once a year from 2010 through 2016, I received a postcard at my home addressed to a man I did not know; in fact had never heard of. The postcard came from the local Election Commission and asked that the man confirm he still lived at that address. Every year I took that card to the Election Commission office and told them the address was mine and I had never heard of the man it was addressed to. Only after the 6th time did they agree to remove his voter registration from their rolls; but I don’t know for sure if they actually did it. I sold the house in 2016 and moved out of that state. Just before leaving town, I went to the Election Commission office and demanded that they remove MY voter registration while I watched. I did not want my name used for voter fraud.

  • CF