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Meghan Markle’s estranged half-sister has accused the duchess of doing “great harm” to the royal family — saying she “chose wealth and fortune over family,” according to an op-ed published Monday.

“My sister has ripped through the Royal Family like a tornado,” Samantha Markle wrote in a first-person piece for Britain’s the Sun.

“Their objective is fame and fortune — to be Hollywood,” she insisted of Meghan and husband Prince Harry’s shocking announcement that they were quitting the royal family.

“I loved my sister, but I do not like the person she has become,” she insisted.

Samantha, 55, said the Duchess of Sussex’s true nature shone through with her treatment of their “incredible dad,” Thomas Markle, suggesting her PR team helped her spin their family feud.

“She watched the media taunt and torture my dad, never springing to his defense like a true humanitarian would,” Samantha wrote.

Samantha feels no sympathy for the pressure her sibling came under, insisting that “Meghan knew the social requirements of joining the Royal Family.

“She should have asked herself if she was willing and able to behave in accordance with the expectations,” she wrote.

Instead, “the decision of Prince Harry and Meghan to quit their duties so soon after their fairytale wedding has done great harm,” she insisted — even calling the “historic institution close to collapse.

Samantha with sister Meghan Markle in 2006

“The Queen, at 93, shouldn’t have had to face the stress of seeing her family torn apart,” Samantha wrote.

In fact, she questioned whether her sister ever really planned to fit in and settle down with the royal family, saying, “Meghan’s goals are not consistent with those of the Royal Family.

“Nothing about their actions so far suggest they truly desire a private life out of the limelight. They have paraded themselves on the red carpet, tried to make deals with Disney, and become pals with the Clooneys and other A-list stars,” she wrote of Harry and Meghan.

“Their objective is fame and fortune — to be Hollywood.”

As well as threatening the future of the royal family, the duchess has risked her own future happiness, her sister believes.

“I am worried that Meghan and Harry will never find true ­happiness,” she wrote.

“They could not find contentment with the Royal Family, will they be able to find it away from them?”

  • Joanne Long says:

    In the near future Harry will come to his senses and realize he made a mistake.

  • Bj says:

    Come on people… want to know someone’s future behavior, look at past behavior. She has nothing to do with her family, She picked career over her husband. Has contempt for everyone in her life as she parades around look for a rich and famous British guy. She finds a depressed, vulnerable, dumb Prince who is somewhat of a wild child himself. She decides to go for it….get there and give them your best acting job and let them think you’re willing to fit into the reserved royal life and leave your jet setting, whoring Harvey Weinstein life behind. From what I’ve seen it’s her best performance yet. So good she got really pissed that the media didn’t give her rave reviews. She’s now stuck… good media attention, no trashy dressing life of the party life any longer. Now she has to follow protocol…..when she’s used to calling the shots, giving the orders. The palace can’t keep employees cause no one can work with her. She’s got to whine to Harry and make him think she’s so afraid she’s going to end up like his mother …..knowing this is Harry’s vulnerable soft spot. She’s an a1 manipulator way tooo smart and too experienced for Harry. She’s going to eat him up alive as soon as he doesn’t serve a purpose any longer .

  • CF