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Sarah Huckabee Shut The Reporter’s Lies At The Press Briefing



Sarah Huckabee delivered a press briefing regarding President Trump’s firing Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. He made this decision two days after he appointed General Kelly as the new Chief of Staff.

And as always, the liberal White House Reporters didn’t let Sanders go any further when she addressed the subject. The reporters kept yelling one question again and again.

Sarah Sanders was clear when she said that Trump’s main focus is on providing jobs for the American people and that the reports should stop fixating on who has which job in the White House. She said that President Donald Trump thought that it will be best for his new Chief of Staff to create her own team and that Trump felt Scaramucci’s comments about Steve Bannon were disrespectful and unacceptable.

After Sanders was asked the same question for the 10th time, she decided to end the briefing and walked out.

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  • joseph wisniewski says:

    The President can hire and FIRE anyone he sees fit to . he does not need permission or approval from the FAKE News media

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  • c says:

    The people asking these questions & stupid stuff are scared they will lose their big stolen pay from big Corps,Big Pharma Drug money,stolen money from the old last Gov. They want the crooks back in office and can not stand a real president that get the job done to better america, STOP YOUR LIES AGAINST THE PRESIDENT LET HIM DO HIS JOB. YOU ALSO LIVE IN THE USA ACT LIKE ONE AND NOT THE CROOKS,LIARS AND THIEVES. IT is time to clean the swamp of these rats. AMERICA NEEDS TRUMP ! The Old Last Gov. with Obamacare Killed my husband 2 years ago, I was There and saw how this medical works, so beware people do not leave your family alone if hospitals are doing thing to the sick to get rid of them, I am still in need of a lawyer my time to get justice is running out this month, all lawyers has told me he was worth nothing at all and never even seem my proof, what a bunch of crooks. Obamacare is a killing machine for the sick and elderly. I have seen a lot when my husband was in the hospital in GA. about abuse, medical malpractice and seen many die and could have been saved. It is there way to depopulate the people. TRUMP CLEAN OUT ALL THE RATS IN ALL & EVERY OFFICE. TIME FOR AMERICA TO TAKE AND STAND WITH TRUMP. IF YOU ARE A AMERICAN THEN ACT LIKE ONE. WE ONLY HAVE ! EARTH AND WE ALL LIVE ON IT,YOU DESTROY THIS PLANET WE ALL DIE INCLUDING YOU CROOKS.

  • […] post Sarah Huckabee Shut The Reporter’s Lies At The Press Briefing appeared first on Conservative […]

  • […] post Sarah Huckabee Shut The Reporter’s Lies At The Press Briefing appeared first on Conservative […]

  • Virginia Schilz says:

    I think press conferences(news briefing) should not be held so often. All it is now is an opportunity for the press to shred the information and then rewrite their opinion. Stupid to give fodder to idiots.

    • RICHARD A says:

      Virginia, you are very perceptive in your common sense evaluation of the muckraking liberal press.
      They seek to legitimize their tantrums by attending and disrupting press conferences. Then, they
      can BRAG about having gotten into the presence of White House spokespersons.

    • Linda Conner says:

      Excellent comment.

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