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During an interview with Fox and Friends Wednesday morning, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ripped colleagues engaging in leaking, called them cowards and said they will be fired.

“I think it is disgusting and some of the most shameful behavior that you could ever engage in. It’s an honor and privilege to work for the president and to be part of his administration,” Sanders said. “Anybody who betrays that, I think is a total and complete coward and they should be fired. We fired people over leaking before. I have personally fired people over leaking before. And we certainly would be very willing to do so again.”

The comments come after a White House conversation about John McCain, during which an aide allegedly said he was “dying anyway” and therefore his vote against CIA nominee Gina Haspel doesn’t matter, leaked to the media. When Sanders called a meeting to address the leak, her remarks leaked again.

During an interview earlier this week, Senior White House official Kellyanne Conway also said leakers will be fired and to expect staff changes.

President Trump has weighed in as well.

  • Thomas says:

    I admire Sarah Sanders, she is such a blessing for the President. Besides she is a strong and great person overall.

    I would love to see her go one on one with Barack, Michelle, and Hillary. Those conversations would be a Kodac moment.

    Love your work and ethics, Sarah, keep up the great work.

  • D Bruce Smith says:

    It’s about time somebody started kicking some butts in the Big House.

  • Chuck says:

    Bunch of vipers in these situations – it takes a certain type of person to do whatever is necessary to advance their own cause, whether it is leaking to the press, selling secrets to the enemy, or stealing the silverware…vipers.

  • Wilma says:

    Make it so!

  • kgl says:

    Those leakers must be very trusted people, the “knows everything” type with unlimited pass to the sources.
    Sarah is one of the greatest asset to the President, Kelly Anne always says what you need to know or not, smarter than her critics.
    I can imagine Sarah as the next speaker of the house.

  • Verneoz says:

    A special tool that would prevent most of these leaks is no being used. Perhaps this is because of cowardice. The tool is called a polygraph machine. Anyone holding a Federal government security clearance is subject to periodic polygraph screening to verify the cleared employee is in compliance with Federal national security laws. Obviously, one of the questions on the exam would be, “Have you ever released any classified/restricted information, documents, or media to unauthorized persons?”

  • Wes says:

    Leakers should not only be fired but also prosecuted. They are enemies of the country.

  • CF