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A 47-year-old Seattle man was attacked after asking local protesters to quiet down so he could sleep.

According to the Seattle Police Department blotter, the unnamed man said he confronted the demonstrators outside his home in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

The man said he was attempting to sleep, but around midnight, he was awoken by the sound of protesters working their way through his neighborhood.

He went outside with his phone recording and filmed himself asking protesters to be quieter so he could get some rest.

Authorities reported that members of the protest reportedly became angered because he was recording them and began taunting him with lasers and flashlights.

KIRO-TV reported that at least one demonstrator reportedly struck the unnamed man with a “blunt object,” which possibly could have been a flashlight. Video footage of the incident shows the man lying on the ground after the assault.

The department said that several other protesters who were not involved in the taunting or the attack provided first aid to the man.

‘I have no problem’

A family member transported the man to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Officers spoke with multiple witnesses who confirmed the victim’s story, found surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident, and took photos of blood splatter at the crime scene,” he told officers, according to the blotter.

Police met the victim at the hospital and he told them that “he was attempting to sleep but was kept awake by a protest that had been making its way through the neighborhood” before the attack.

KIRO obtained some video footage of the incident, in which one of the demonstrators can be heard demanding, “What’s your problem here?”

The victim, who was apparently just trying to sleep, responded, “I have no problem.”

Moments later, the victim was on the ground.

  • Matt says:

    Shoot on sight. Then no more riots.

  • Adam Selene says:

    It’s past time to stop these lawbreakers in their tracks !!

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  • Sandy says:

    This isn’t going to stop until decent law abiding citizens start blowing these fks away!!!

  • CF