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This week’s cover of TIME will feature an orange cartoon version of President Trump cornered in fright as orange paint on the adjacent walls boxes him in.

See it yourself:

Obviously, the cover comes in response to the Democratic Party’s attempt to launch an impeachment inquiry based on a flimsy whistleblower report in which an unnamed intelligence official effectively attempts to smear President Trump as pressuring the country of Ukraine to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden based entirely on third-party hearsay.

Of course, TIME has engaged in this sort of bias against the president on more than one occasion — such as its cover from June of last year that featured a smug Trump standing over a crying illegal immigrant child:

And just like the implication of the “orange man bad” cover provided by TIME this week, the illegal immigrant child cover turned out to be misleading: The featured girl was not separated from her parents at the border (as was implied), but was taken from her family in Honduras by her mother and was only crying due to hunger and dehydration. As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro explained at the time:

The cover is total bull. It’s not just total bull because Trump hasn’t implemented a newly-developed policy of separating children from parents — that’s an operation of law under the Flores settlement as modified by a 2016 Ninth Circuit court ruling. It’s bull because this particular child wasn’t separated from her mother, her mother wasn’t fleeing persecution but did falsely claim asylum, her mother did put the child in danger, and Trump was targeted by the media for treating this mother and child exactly the same way the Obama administration would have.

Here’s the real story.

The little girl is from Honduras. She wasn’t separated from her mother; she was crying because her mother was crossing illegally into the United States and the little girl was “tired and thirsty,” according to Border Patrol.

After being caught in a blatant lie, TIME attempted to play the “factually accurate but morally true” card by saying the cover accurately reflected the essence of the Trump administration’s policy at the southern border.

“The June 12 photograph of the 2-year-old Honduran girl became the most visible symbol of the ongoing immigration debate in America for a reason: Under the policy enforced by the administration, prior to its reversal this week, those who crossed the border illegally were criminally prosecuted, which in turn resulted in the separation of children and parents. Our cover and our reporting capture the stakes of this moment,” TIME said in a statement.

As to whether or not Trump is actually frightened and cornered in the wake of this “whistleblower” report, the president has made his opinion clear that this is yet another political witch hunt and that he will fight back, accordingly.

“A whistleblower with second hand information? Another Fake News Story! See what was said on the very nice, no pressure, call. Another Witch Hunt!” Trump tweeted on Thursday

  • zKarlo says:

    PRETTY FUNNY how Trump’s own stupid mouth has exposed him, isn’t it? He didn’t *have* to release the ‘transcript’ which was actually a MEMO made by others’ recollections and not from an audio recording, and EVEN THOUGH Trump and Barr have likely doctored it to remove EVEN MORE INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE, what’s in it is well more than enough to indict and convict them both and Rudy Giuliani too.

    THERE’S NO ESCAPING IT THIS TIME and the threshold has been met to tip the scales into Nancy Pelosi’s declaration of formal impeachment investigations. Now it’s really only a question of how many Repugs are willing to tar themselves with Trump’s brush of criminality going forward, to either result in Trump’s impeachment by the House and conviction in the Senate, or to the well-deserved extinction of the Repuglickan Party in 2020. PASS THE POPCORN!!!!

    • Lutetia Vollintine says:


    • Fred Sheehan says:

      Oh look, we have a troll using speculative “Facts” and errant legal definitions. Oh joy! Well, lets never permit facts or the right to due process get in the way of expressing an opinion for an emotionally motivated desire for an outcome. I’m glad that CF does not censor trolling like Google or Facebook, tools of the leftist extreme, do since I would have been denied another opportunity to witness demonstration of illogic and expression of extreme hate from a peace loving leftist. I do have a logic expression that I would like assistance with solving

      Joe Biden + Ukraine President + financial coercion -> Firing of prosecutor of Barisma , having Hunter Biden as a board member -> ? I’m arriving at grounds for investigation and prosecution.

    • Michael says:

      Pretty funny how you and the rest of the idiot Dems actually think this is going to affect Trump’s presidency in any way. Would you mind telling the rest of us what Trump’s crime is? Oh, that’s right, he spoke to a foreign leader. How dare him. What does he think he’s the president or something? And he actually suggested that they look into an actual crime committed by and confessed to by a Democrat. The nerve of him! Yeah, you’ve REALLY got him this time! This is it! The big smoking gun that will take him down once and for all! All that and…wait for it…Time Magazine printed a cover! Oh no! Trump’s done now! What ever are we going to do? How will the president ever recover from this?! Say it ain’t so! Ha! Get lost, douche-bag! You idiots had NOTHING with the phony Russia sham, and you have even LESS than nothing with this. Yeah, we’ll pass the popcorn, and the beer too, and we’ll be laughing our asses off when all this impeachment shit does is help Trump get re-elected in a landslide and cost the Dems the House. Then you and all the other jack-asses can go cry and console yourselves in your safe spaces.

    • Don says:

      Very funny how his successes have you demonstrating just how very stupid you are.

    • Josey says:

      The liberal left and their lapdog media have been brainwashing the public for decades. All to push “communism” and the NWO. Sadly they have found a lot of weak minded lemmings like zKarlo to follow them off the cliff!

    • Joe P says:

      Sorry, Karlo: You are NOW 0-20 since 2017. As for “passing the popcorn”, YOU had better “pass the CORNPOP” while you watch the incompetent, lyin’ Biden go on trial to be followed by the IG Report and its INDICTMENTS!!!

    • Annabel says:

      ZZZZZZZZZKarlo: Time for you to pull your head out of that dark place. If and when you do you will
      find you are on the losing end of this one.

  • Don says:

    Time magazine has been a rag for many decades and anything they postulate is nothing more than stupidity.

  • SandyT says:

    Screw TIME ragazine! It’s not worthy of even lining a bird cage!

  • Rocco says:

    Time magazine still exist? Why?

  • CF