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SHOCK POLL – People Would Rather Watch Paint Dry Than Watch CNN… Literally



During the election, CNN‘s obvious bias was on full display. Day in and day out, they kept claiming Donald Trump was garbage and Hillary Clinton was the better candidate.

Did these positions help them in the ratings game? Apparently not. As it turns out, millions of people would rather watch the programming offered by HGTV over taking in any of the CNN’s political commentary.

Not only did CNN finish behind Fox News, but they ended up in third behind the network that features “Property Brothers,” “Love it or List it,” and “Fixer Upper.” Besides the network’s extreme liberalism, there are a number of reasons why CNN continues to lose out.

“A lot of the news these days is really stressful,” said HGTV viewer Nikki Justice. “HGTV is not something that’s going to hurt me. I watch it and dream of what I want for my future house.”

This might come as a shock to you, but HGTV has even been the subject of liberal smear campaigns. Chip and Joanna Gaines, devout Christians and the hosts of “Fixer Upper,” went through just as much.

Just the very act of them going to church that teaches the biblical view of homosexuality was too much for liberals, as per BizPac Review. However, despite all of this, HGTV was able to thrive because they believed in another key principle—the same one that got Donald Trump elected.

HGTV believes in “Real America.” They realize that most of their viewers live in suburban houses with yards and go to backyard barbecues. They realize that most of their competitors in television dealing with their theme are going to focus on high-priced New York real estate or flipping houses in L.A, as per Bloomberg.

Many in “Real America” are not the smug type. They are not the type highlighted in South Park with one of George Clooney’s speeches where he talks about the “great contributions” of liberalism.

Most of them realize that liberalism hasn’t worked. So yes, most people would rather watch “paint dry” than CNN‘s nonsensical attempt at spitting out propaganda.

Maybe individuals will take a page out of Donald Trump’s book and realize that political correctness has gotten us nowhere. Maybe they will realize it isn’t just liberals’ freedom of speech that is important but everyone’s freedom of speech.

When you have a network that props up its leftist opinions at the expense of fair and balanced news, it results in a network devoted to home improvement whipping you in the ratings.

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Source: Angry Patriot Movement

  • Julia says:

    I will anything but watch cnn so bias it sicken me to watch watchimg paint dry is more exciting than cnn

  • Lois says:

    CNN is one of thee worst in being so blazingly biased-can not stand nothing ethical about any of those opinionated talking heads -use to like wolf but he has lost it haven’t watched in years and don’t intend to start now unless something changes big and they report truthfully and fairly-

  • CF