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Babies, children and adults were covered in blood as Muslims used knives to slice open their heads during Ashura.

Shia Muslims participate in Ashura every year to mourn the death of their ‘prophet’ Muhammad’s grandson, Hussein Ali.

At least 31 people were killed in a stampede at the Ashura festival in Iraq and more than 100 were injured.

According to reports, dozens of Muslims were crushed after thousands ‘recreated a battle’ in the narrow streets of Karbala.

The Sun UK reported:

The commemorations take place on Ashura, the tenth day of the first month of the Islamic calendar.

They mark Husayn’s death at the Battle of Karbala, fought between Husayn and Yazid I on October 10 680AD to determine who should succeed the prophet as the leader of Islam.

Yazid is considered a tyrant by some Muslims, and Husayn’s death is considered by the Shia community to be a symbol of humanity’s struggle against injustice, tyranny, and oppression.

The anniversary is a national holiday in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Pakistan, and typically involves public expressions of mourning.


Ashura, once only celebrated in the Middle East and parts of Africa has now spread to Western nations as Muslims flex their dominance and take over the streets in various Western cities.

Muslims in the West including in Toronto, London and Sidney flexed their dominance and marched down the streets to celebrate Ashura:

Muslims in Sidney with loudspeakers take over the streets to celebrate Ashura:

Muslims in London took over the streets and blared their celebration in Arabic over loudspeakers:

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  • John F Bergmann says:

    This is what they do and I have no problems, beyond disgust, with them doing it – as long as they keep it in their own Countries! It’s their own business! They bring it to the US and try to make us accept it into US culture, then I have a problem!

  • Carl says:

    I have one word to describe these people AINMALS.


    Let us accept them into our homes and lives. These “peaceful” peoples just love Americans. Anyone who will cut their child’s head open with a dirty razor and them self, should just cut their throat instead. What a barbaric group of “humans”.

  • Ellen Whiting says:

    Prophets of Baal. (1 Kings 18)

  • Opal Box says:

    Get ready for it. This is what serving a god of Satan is really like. Who would have ever thought we would see this happening in England, Canada, and Australia? If people don’t pay attention to how accurate Bible Prophecy is, when the liberals finally get the government back, it will one day happen here. We cannot change Bible Prophecy, but we are supposed to do everything in our power to fight against Satan and his evil. That means for you to at least vote against any policy that goes against God’s laws for righteous people to live by, and being righteous does not mean being perfect. That’s why we need Jesus.

  • CF