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Snoop Dogg is demanding that an NFL owner step up and hire Colin Kaepernick in the wake of the national anthem protests that returned in big numbers around the league this week.

The 45-year-old rapper applauded the owners who joined their players in the national anthem protests on Sunday and Monday night, but said it’s time one of them to hire the guy who started it all.

“Enough with the bulls**t. Which one of you NFL owners is gonna give Colin Kaepernick a job? I like what y’all doing standing with the players and all that, but there are some sorry a** mothaf**kin’ quarterbacks in the NFL. My n***a need a job,” Snoop Dogg said in a video posted to Twitter.

“Which one of y’all gonna give him an opportunity to get back on that football field? That’s what I wanna know,” he continued. “I’m down with y’all holding hands and takin’ a knee and all that, but which one of y’all gonna give cuz a job? ‘Cause he spoke up on some real s**t–police brutality that’s still happenin,’ so give him a job and then we’ll be half-way home.”

Many players and fans have fallen into the assumption that Kaepernick doesn’t have a job because of political reasons rather than his talent. Snoop is clearly under that assumption and seems to believe that Kaepernick is more talented than a lot of quarterbacks who are still in the league.

“I like the antics and all that s**t, but cuz still need a job. And he good at quarterback, better than half of these sorry mothaf**kas in the NFL,” the rapper said. “Give cuz a job, that’s the next mothaf**kin’ cry out. Hire him. Give him a shot. Back-up quarterback, he better than a lot of these starters. Enough said.”

  • PAM says:

    Thanks Snoop, I totally agree with you and to oruc who says he can’t speak good english have been listening to the jackass so long with his limited english.

  • Perry Utanis says:

    Snoop Dogg is still a baby rocked in a cradle

  • Richard Misel Jr says:

    poop dog is a NO class NO talent scumbag hood rat.!

  • Judylynn Moses says:

    Oh !!!! Let’s all listen to a dawg. The point is Colin K is a lousy player. No one wants to hire him to kneel then sit on the bench all season. The NFL lost $$ last year because of him! I am a Deplorable….. but I wish Pres. Trump had toned it down on fri nite. Prior to the fri nite rant, Jerry Brown said he would fire any Cowboy who knelt during the Pledge, then he goes and kneels but then stands arms locked. No one has addressed the problems Tim Tebow knelt for Prayer kneeling…and what about players can’t do anything after a TD but bump chest.. These players should put their $$ where their mouth and knees are. The average family can’t afford the tickets to take the whole family to the game. This boycott is really going to hurt the NFL’s pocket books…..

  • CF