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Snoop Dogg Makes DESPICABLE Threat for Trump Inauguration



Rapper Snoop Dogg needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut when it comes to politics. Yesterday, he threatened to personally go after any black entertainer who performs at Donald Trump’s inauguration this weekend.

He called such performers “Uncle Toms.” Despicable.

In a video Snoop said, “So ain’t nobody going to perform for Donald Trump, huh? Which one of you jigaboo-ass niggas gonna be the first one to do it? Wait, I’m going to roast the fuck out of one of you Uncle Tom-assed niggas for doing it.”

“Which one of niggas gonna do it first?” Snoop asked. “I’sa bees the one that performs for him, sir.”

Wow. Simply despicable.

Will you support Donald J. Trump on inauguration day, despite the threats from the left? Sound off and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Source: Conservativeworlddaily

  • Ricky Dean Hodges says:

    If you threaten my President, you threaten me. So why don’t you dance with me jive-ass nigga as you call yourself.You don’t scare nobody! Your punk-ass can’t even make intelligent conversation! Come to Oklahoma and get some snoop-ass-dog!

  • Maryann says:

    Sloppy puppy whooooo…… never heard of him or her or them…..

    Really sounds like a confused mess!!!! Oh maybe it’s a group for children…

    Will have to wait and see….

    Probably someone who just walked by high as a kite celebrating!!!!

  • Larry McDonald says:

    He’s should be In jail he’s a Total Assets Boycott him and all the black performers that refuse to perform.

  • CF