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A Beverly Hills social media influencer is reportedly hospitalized after contracting COVID-19 — mere days after licking a public toilet bowl.

The influencer, 21-year-old “Larz,” went viral earlier this week after sharing a video of himself licking a toilet bowl, according to the Daily Mail.

He reportedly shared the video with the caption “RT to spread awareness for the Coronavirus.”

Larz announced in a since-deleted tweet that he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

According to The Gay UK, video of the incident gained more than 90,000 views before being yanked off the internet.

A later post reportedly included a video of the influencer lying in a hospital bed. In the video, he reportedly says that he’s “pretty doped up from his meds.”

The social media influencer gained notoriety after reportedly being involved in viral videos featuring him licking stores’ ice cream cartons and more.

He was just one of many young people who engaged in a bizarre summer 2019 trend of defiling ice cream in stores and filming the act for posterity.

Larz, who interviewed in 2019 with Dr. Phil McGraw, also previously said that his own family is “irrelevant.”

“None of them have followers, if they got followers or got rich, I’d probably talk to them again,” he reasoned.

Larz’s Twitter account appears to be suspended at the time of this writing.

  • Michael Luetke says:

    Hope this human scum gets to be one of the true statistics of COVID 19…. The ones that do die not the ones the lying media blows out of proportion saying will/ are dying.

  • CF