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George Soros recently lamented the rise of President Trump and anti-establishment parties across the globe, saying “everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”

Soros made the comment in an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday. He also said that he did not expect Trump’s election, saying, “Apparently, I was living in my own bubble.”

The activist billionaire also made the bizarre claim that President Trump would be “willing to destroy the world.”

Soros has become known for using his immense wealth to influence politics in the United States and around the world.

He pushes for liberal values, has supported refugee resettlement, and was a major supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

  • Jerry W Coley says:

    Soros was a Nazis way back when,and he still is a Nazis,doing all he can to make a WHO are what ever,LOL

  • No Fecks to Give says:

    Obviously, he didn’t spend enough money on bots, shills, and trolls to harass us on COMMENT sections. They’re still out on AOL, but no one reads them. They’re a tabloid. My question is: With all that money, couldn’t you get those bags removed? All these ugly libs. Don’t they ever look in the mirror? Like DWS, for instance. Just sayin’…..

  • Abbacus says:

    It’s a pity his”bubble” doesn’t run out of oxygen.

  • Becky says:

    Ugly old commie fart. Do the world a favor and die you asshole.

  • Didn't says:

    Trump needs to add shipping his arse back to his native country for subversive and anti-American activities…Then chalk up another “win”.

  • Nathan M. says:

    Methinks this centuries old lich is not long for this world.

  • CF