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Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams prepared the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s State of the Union address. Going into it, none of us really knew what to expect but honestly, the bar wasn’t set too high. Abrams never conceded to Brian Kemp and she’s continually pushed the idea that “voter suppression” (not the people’s voice) is what kept her from winning her bid for governor of Georgia.

Although the Democrats might not have known exactly what President Trump was going to address on Tuesday night, whoever wrote her speech cast a really, really wide net. She mentioned issues Trump didn’t even touch on, like gun control and climate change. Not only that, but the response was focused on Abrams personal story. And while she tried to use her own anecdotal experiences to deliver a message, it came off as selfish and rather narcissistic.

Here are some highlights from her speech (emphasis mine):

Our power and strength as Americans lives in our hard work and our belief in more. My family understood firsthand that while success is not guaranteed, we live in a nation where opportunity is possible. But we do not succeed alone — in these United States, when times are tough, we can persevere because our friends and neighbors will come for us. Our first responders will come for us.

It is this mantra – this uncommon grace of community – that has driven me to become an attorney, a small business owner, a writer, and most recently, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia. My reason for running for governor was simple: I love our country and its promise of opportunity for all, and I stand here tonight because I hold fast to my father’s credo — together, we are coming for America, for a better America.

Is this her way of hinting that Americans should always help others? Specifically, is she referring to Democrats’ desire to help illegal aliens?

What’s so wrong with Americans standing up and deciding that we must help our own people before we help other nations. We’re so busy fighting everyone’s battles for them that we fail to address our own crises here at home, in America. President Trump has made it his personal mission to make sure we put America first. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Just a few weeks ago, I joined volunteers to distribute meals to furloughed federal workers. They waited in line for a box of food and a sliver of hope since they hadn’t received a paycheck in weeks. Making their livelihoods a pawn for political games is a disgrace. The shutdown was a stunt engineered by the President of the United States, one that defied every tenet of fairness and abandoned not just our people – but our values.

President Trump warned Democrats. He told them he wanted a border wall. It shouldn’t come as a surprise. He campaigned on building a wall years ago. He specifically told Democrats last year, when he signed the budget, that next year he wanted border wall funding or a shutdown would happen. They called his bluff and guess who came out looking like the fool? The Dems.

This wasn’t a “stunt” that abandoned people. This was a promise he was fulfilling to the American people. Democrats are the ones who refused to compromise with him. He was willing to extend protections for DREAMers and what was Speaker Pelosi’s response? “We won’t give one dollar for the border wall.”

If you want to point the finger at anyone, look at madam speaker.

For seven years, I led the Democratic Party in the Georgia House of Representatives. I didn’t always agree with the Republican Speaker or Governor, but I understood that our constituents didn’t care about our political parties — they cared about their lives. So, when we had to negotiate criminal justice reform or transportation or foster care improvements, the leaders of our state didn’t shut down — we came together. And we kept our word.

Great. You had an accomplishment. What does this have to do with Trump’s vision? Oh, right. Nothing.

Our most urgent work is to realize Americans’ dreams of today and tomorrow. To carve a path to independence and prosperity that can last a lifetime. Children deserve an excellent education from cradle to career. We owe them safe schools and the highest standards, regardless of zip code.

Yet this White House responds timidly while first graders practice active shooter drills and the price of higher education grows ever steeper. From now on, our leaders must be willing to tackle gun safety measures and the crippling effect of educational loans; to support educators and invest what is necessary to unleash the power of America’s greatest minds.

As a nation, we’ve agreed to educate our kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. Anything beyond that is up to the individual. Part of having the “equality of opportunity” aspect has to end somewhere. If we made sure every single person was walked through life, from education to career, we’d have people complaining that they were discriminated against if they became a plumber while their friend became a lawyer. People would still not be happy. At some point, we have to take responsibility for our future and make our own decisions. When the government has their hand in every single aspect of our lives, we’re one step closer to living in a tyrannical society, the one thing our founding fathers worried about.

In Georgia and around the country, people are striving for a middle class where a salary truly equals economic security. But instead, families’ hopes are being crushed by Republican leadership that ignores real life or just doesn’t understand it. Under the current administration, far too many hard-working Americans are falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck, most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.

The Republican tax bill rigged the system against working people. Rather than bringing back jobs, plants are closing, layoffs are looming and wages struggle to keep pace with the actual cost of living.

She must be referring to GM’s massive layoffs. She must not know that the company decided to restructure so they could free up capital for the future. Trump and various members of Congress tried to save those jobs to no avail.

We know bi-partisanship could craft a 21st century immigration plan, but this administration chooses to cage children and tear families apart. Compassionate treatment at the border is not the same as open borders. President Reagan understood this. President Obama understood this. Americans understand this. And Democrats stand ready to effectively secure our ports and borders. But we must all embrace that from agriculture to healthcare to entrepreneurship, America is made stronger by the presence of immigrants – not walls.

1) No one is “caging children.” As retired Border Patrol agent Hector Regalado told me, families are separated from the general population. If Border Patrol suspects the adult is pretending to be the child’s parents, they seek greater intel. And guess what? This isn’t new. It’s something that happened under President Obama’s leadership as well.

2) If Democrats were willing to secure the border, why did Nancy say not even one dollar would go toward building a wall? “Securing our ports and borders” means putting up a wall. Not giving money to a wall is not securing the border. Plain and simple

3) Trump didn’t say immigrants aren’t welcome. He said legal immigrants are welcome and we need to keep people from dangerously crossing the desert to come to America.

Rather than suing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, as Republican Attorneys General have, our leaders must protect the progress we’ve made and commit to expanding health care and lowering costs for everyone.

We were also told we could keep our doctors and that our payments would go down. Remember those talking points? They’re not the case for the majority of Americans.

We can do so much more: Take action on climate change. Defend individual liberties with fair-minded judges. But none of these ambitions are possible without the bedrock guarantee of our right to vote. Let’s be clear: voter suppression is real. From making it harder to register and stay on the rolls to moving and closing polling places to rejecting lawful ballots, we can no longer ignore these threats to democracy.

While I acknowledged the results of the 2018 election here in Georgia — I did not and we cannot accept efforts to undermine our right to vote. That’s why I started a nonpartisan organization called Fair Fight to advocate for voting rights.

“Fair-minded judges” mean people who are progressive and share their ideals. Everyone else is tipping the scale.

And when did Abrams accept the results? That’s news in itself.

This is the next battle for our democracy, one where all eligible citizens can have their say about the vision we want for our country. We must reject the cynicism that says allowing every eligible vote to be cast and counted is a “power grab.” Americans understand that these are the values our brave men and women in uniform and our veterans risk their lives to defend. The foundation of our moral leadership around the globe is free and fair elections, where voters pick their leaders — not where politicians pick their voters.

Translation: It’s okay for illegal aliens to vote in our elections as long as Democrat wins. If a Dem doesn’t win then there’s “voter suppression.”

Guess that means Disney characters should be allowed to vote too, right?

America achieved a measure of reproductive justice in Roe v. Wade, but we must never forget it is immoral to allow politicians to harm women and families to advance a political agenda. We affirmed marriage equality, and yet, the LGBTQ community remains under attack.

Are you freaking kidding me? Democrats are still defending infanticide. Still. Harming women and families is bad but murdering babies is okay? Talk about sick, twisted logic.

So even as I am very disappointed by the President’s approach to our problems — I still don’t want him to fail. But we need him to tell the truth, and to respect his duties and the extraordinary diversity that defines America.

The Democrats say they don’t want President Trump to fail but if he succeeds that means their policies are crap. That means they’d have to reevaluate their stance on positions they’ve clung to. And you know they don’t want that.

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  1. Donna Lampkin

    February 6, 2019 at 9:03 am

    Thank goodness the state of Georgia did not elected her as governor!

    • LaKeisha Jackson

      February 6, 2019 at 6:05 pm

      With all the shenanigans Abrams pulled during the Georgia Governor election, I’m surprised she didn’t reach underneath the speaker’s podium and “discover” another box or two of uncounted absentee ballots.

    • Becky Clark

      February 6, 2019 at 6:11 pm

      Those of us in Georgia DID NOT want her as our governor, and we rejected her! She is a liar and wanted to turn Georgia into another California! She just can’t believe we rejected her and she did not win! Sound familiar?

    • Patricia Moore

      February 7, 2019 at 12:56 am


  2. Sandra Tabor

    February 6, 2019 at 9:07 am

    democrats will be voted out in 2020. Includes the house, and senate. They have no desire to do what is right, and good for the people. All they do is raise the taxes to 90%, just to stuff their pockets, and live like kings and queens. I think the president did an excellent job on the sotu address. I look forward to seeing a government that works together, hopefully we will see that in 2020.

  3. Shari Early

    February 6, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    I had a political discussion with my daughter while out to eat. It’s amazing when someone listening starts a conversation and you overhear them say they’ll no longer vote Democrat because of them not caring about the citizens in this country. They really are destroying their own party.

  4. Freedom fighter

    February 6, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    You missed the biggest lie of all in her speech, she ended with “God BlessAmerica” you know she didn’t mean a word of that, if the Dems regain power that phrase will be outlawed on capital hill.

  5. William Dorich

    February 6, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    What a fucking moron! She and her ilk love “ballot harvesting” and so-called “voter suppression” an insulting affront to free elections…If verifying every voter as legal is insulting to her then she is in the wrong country…No one is “caging children. ”Families are separated from the general population if Border Patrol suspects the adult is pretending to be the child’s parents, you would think a Black woman would welcome such vetting. Obama separated a thousand times more families and images of caged children was common but Abrams can’t seem to see the forest for the trees she is too busy convincing her audience how righteous she was…who gives a Rat’s Ass about her upbringing or her biography? She proved that her brand of political leadership is to lie, exaggerate and fabricate…that is why she lost the election and still has not conceded, making her the biggest hypocrite in our election process. It is NOT President Trump’s responsibility or FAULT that the average American family has only $500 in their bank account and are living pay check to pay check…That lack of savings did not happen in the past 18 month…but what is real is 60% to 70% of Americans have been living on credit card debt brought on 8 years ago under Obama and the Democrats were more interested in capturing votes then improving the economy for these American families. Stacy said she understood that her constituents didn’t care about our political parties — they cared about their lives. LET’S GET REAL ABRAMS…your constituents have more babies out of wedlock then any other ethnic group in America and blacks only represent 13% of the overall population… so its her ilk who live by the “rules” that taxpayers in the country are responsible for raising their Bastard children as she throws in gun control, climate change and educational standards, none of which was in Trump’s speech. Abrams has no self respect nor was she willing to abide by election rules and laws in her own state…so why should we respect that she was chosen by this absurd default that no other Democrat could give since dozens of them are running in 2020 except for Bernie who isn’t a Democrat, he is an “Independent Card Carrying” Communist and like her they believe in Free Medical care, Free Education, Free Housing, Free Child Care and Free Welfare that Moochers and Freeloaders demand that other taxpayers pay the tab.

  6. William Dorich

    February 6, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Just to be clear Ms. Abrams…President Johnson launched the “WAR ON POVERTY” and POVERTY WON! Taxpayers spent $15 Trillion dollars over 25 years according to Paul Ryan speaker of the House and blacks accepted that war chest like it was “reparations” and sat back and spent like drunken sailors never giving a Rat’s Ass about advancing or improving themselves and their plight with those TRILLIONS of taxpayer funds…Abrams is a classic example of the results…Black privilege, preaching to taxpayers that we have not done enough!

    • Ginny

      February 6, 2019 at 2:35 pm

      Did George Soros pay for her education? I think so!
      His madman Communist- Socialism type Hitler
      Thinking has infected all Democrats. Democrats showed America just how much they hate this nation!
      Time to educate America on how destructive Socialism is to our Nation! Impeach Nancy Pelosi!

  7. RAY SAY

    February 6, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Abram speech was full of lies and boasting about her roots, it came off as a campaign regurgitated, the woman is an Affirmative Action Dunce, full of herself, the DemonRats have nothing but deception and Disinformation, they are a failed Party

  8. mileaway

    February 6, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    I sat there thinking this was the most phony,disingenuous,aged,nonsensical prepared setup I have seen in years. I felt like I had gone back in time to a place where balderdash ruled the day.

  9. Mary Johnson

    February 6, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    What do you expect from Democrats.

  10. Art Nickel

    February 6, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    Obviously she is stupid because she is a Black Democrat.
    Before you go off on me, pay attention to the truth.
    In 1808, America outlawed the importation of slaves, the DEMOCRATS continued to import slaves until January 1861 when the Clotide landed and off-loaded, among others, Cudjo Lewis. This was done for two reasons, (1) to expand slavery, and (2) to fight the 3/5 Compromise by bringing in bodies to get more control in Congress and spread Slavery throughout America.
    TODAY the Democrats are involved in bringing in Illegal Aliens by fighting against border security to allow them to control the government. California has already announced that non-citizens will be able to vote legally in that state and the Democrats fought putting a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.
    So, why would Blacks support this? Because they think that the Socialism the Democrat Left is touting will do wonderful things for them, but that has historically been proven a false hope. For the best examples look to Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.

  11. Joseph A Midona

    February 7, 2019 at 2:42 am

    Go back to the PIG FARM !!!!!!

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