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Barack Obama allowed Christians to be persecuted because of their faith. He made it all clear that Christians will be sued if they don’t accept his anti-Christian demands. But now President Trump just stood by Christianity and gave one couple who were ready to ruin a Christian baker harsh surprise.

To be Christian was very difficult during the Obama era, and for some business, it was a nightmare. Obama pushed the gay agenda hard and opened doors for gay people to test the territory and ensure that Christians must serve them, not caring if that for them meant sinning.

Gay couples went after wedding services, like wedding planners, photographers, bakers, who were Christian only to be denied of service. And when most of them deny, like Denver baker Jack Phillips, the gay couples issued lawsuits against them.

But all this it’s about to end now, President Trump is backing up Jack Phillips using his Justice Department for good. Philips’s case is going before the Supreme Court, and it’s a big win for Christianity

“The Department of Justice on Thursday led documents with the Supreme Court in support of a Colorado baker who is religiously opposed to making wedding cakes for same-sex couples,” reports the New York Daily News. The same-sex couple, David Mullins and Charlie Craig, are now married, but they are still fighting.

“Four years is a long time for something that lasted less than two minutes,” Mullins said. “Every step of the way here in Colorado, the courts and commissions have found that Jack Phillips violated Colorado law. We’d like to end with that still being the case.”

Mullins and Craig have no legal right to fight this, but since they are in a liberal state they are doing it. And now with Obama gone, they will lose. This is not a case of “discrimination” but rather a First Amendment right case. Free speech and expression can be brutal some times, but that one of reasons that make America great, our First Amendment.

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  • Sharon says:

    Well said Robert G Bernardino..No one could have said it better.

  • larry bohannon says:

    The Baker made a choice to open a business that is licensed as a public food service. That means they cannot refuse to serve the general public as long as the customer has money and is reasonably behaved in line. The license the owners signed said this clearly and so they openly lied by signing the license that they would serve everyone who needs their service. A lying Christian is not a real Christian. “Thou Shall Not Lie”.

  • CF