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A queer activist was caught on video destroying a Republican display booth, ripping signs, spitting on the US flag and assaulting members of the College Republican club who were working the booth on the UCSC campus.

The college Republicans followed the violent leftists with cameras until police arrived.

The violent leftist was identified this week as Martina Martin, a queer activist on campus

According to the College Fix:

College Republicans tabling at the University of California, Santa Cruz were accosted by passersby who ripped their signs, spit on their Betsy Ross flag, tussled with them physically, and yelled obscenities, according to video of the incident obtained by The College Fix.

The president of the UC Santa Cruz College Republicans, Dylan Temple, was also doxxed on social media with a false accusation that he attacked peers at the campus LGBTQ center, a move he said was done in retaliation for following the aggressors around until police arrived, he said in an interview with The Fix.

What’s more, the Feb. 7 incident happens to involve Hayden Williams, a conservative campus activist who was famously clocked in the face at UC Berkeley last year by someone triggered by his MAGA signage, another incident caught on camera. It made national headlines at the time and landed him on the same stage at CPAC with President Donald Trump, who lambasted how Republicans on college campuses across the nation are frequently attacked.

Here is the video uploaded by The College Fix.

The Post Millennial identified the violent leftist as Martina Martin.

Martin attacked the students, destroyed their booth, ripped up their signs, spit on the US flag and verbally abused the students.

Martin, who goes by they, later bragged about it on Twitter.

The College Republicans say they intend to file charges.

  • Annabel says:

    Just looking at it’s photo tells all…it has nothing going for it any which way.

  • Alison says:

    Let’s call this one “little nipples”. It is time for the good guys to strike back. Little nipples should’ve been stopped. Pull the nose ring, kick in the croch, punch to the gut, etc. That’s all it takes to send a message.

  • G says:

    What’s the difference between Queer and Gay?

  • Bob Plumlee says:

    The Book of Leviticus 18:20 through 18:21 has the only answer to fix this !

  • Troy says:

    Real courageous in your protected little environment. Why don’t you show some true bravery and try having a discussion with those you think you disagree with.

  • Rick Bellows says:

    It’s almost like they earn a “merit badge” in political violence or something. You have to get the right ones to move up in rank.

  • Ray says:

    I’m starting to understand why eugenics considered gays defective.

  • CF