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A protester who was causing damage to a city block was escorted to police lines by other protesters during a demonstration in Washington, D.C., over the weekend.

The video, captured and posted to Twitter by local news reporter Safvan Allahverdi on Sunday, shows a masked protester dressed in all black appearing to hammer and chisel away at a sidewalk block before being surrounded by other protesters.

A group of about four or five individuals detained the protester and forcefully dragged him to police officers who were stationed nearby to patrol the demonstration. It appears that police then apprehended the protester.

People can be heard cheering and shouting “take his ass!” and “go to jail!” as he was handed to the police.

It was not immediately clear what the protester was attempting to do by hammering at the sidewalk block, however, it’s possible that he could’ve been trying to procure objects he could use to damage property or cause harm to others.

The protest in the nation’s capital was just one of hundreds of protests across the country that took place in recent days following the tragic death of George Floyd during a police detainment on May 25 in Minneapolis.

The protests have frequently resulted in the burning and damaging of property and the looting of stores, and in many cases, the peaceful demonstrations have been overshadowed by the unrest.

A group of angry protesters outside the White House attacked a Fox News reporter and managed to knock down barriers Friday evening causing the Secret Service to place the White House on lockdown.

  • Nr says:

    Soros and his minions the NAZI Commie liberal party, Fake news, Antifa, CIA, FBI, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, The useful idiots, RINOs etc…are responsible for this rioting and destruction throughout the country. This treasonous act should not go unpunished! It’s about time these deep State rats are held accountable! Patriots, we need to save the country from turning into another Commie shit hole just like all the other lib run cities!!

  • LST says:

    Kudos to those peaceful ones, nice work.

  • Steven says:

    The headline should read “DC rioter causing damage is dragged over and handed to police by ACTUAL protesters. As written, the rioter is mischaracterized as a protester.

  • CF