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While accepting Billboard’s first Woman of the Decade award Thursday night, pop star Taylor Swift went on a lengthy 15-minute diatribe against “toxic male privilege” in the music industry to a mixed reaction from the audience.

“As a female in this industry, some people will always have slight reservations about you,” Swift said early on in her speech at Billboard’s 14th annual Women in Music event. She added that critics will often wonder “whether you deserve to be there” or “whether your male producer or cowriter is the reason for your success.”

“I saw that people love to explain away a woman’s success in the music industry,” the Grammy-winning artist, who turned 30 on Friday, argued.

Swift then spent several minutes explaining how female artists have it more difficult than male artists in the music industry because they are constantly needing to prove themselves.

She used herself as an example, citing several times critics found flaws in her music or her person and how she had to overcome.

“In the last 10 years, I have watched as women in this industry are criticized and measured up to each other and picked at,” Swift said. “For their bodies, for their romantic lives, their fashion …”

Then Swift turned the tables, suggesting that male artists don’t experience the same personal criticism.

“Or have you ever heard someone say about a male artist, ‘I really like his songs, but I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about him I don’t like?'”

“No!” Swift exclaimed. “That criticism is reserved for [women]!”

Finally, while discussing her ongoing battle with record executive Scooter Braun over ownership of her master recordings, she blasted the “toxic male privilege” of many Braun defenders.

“The definition of the ‘toxic male privilege’ in our industry is people saying, ‘but he’s always been nice to me,’ when I’m raising valid concerns about artists owning their rights to own their music,” Swift asserted. “Of course he’s nice to you. If you’re in this room, he has something that he needs.”

Video recording of the speech seems to show several moments at which Swift paused for applause but the audience remained mostly silent.

TMZ reported that the reaction to Taylor’s speech seemed “mixed.”

When she finished speaking about Scooter, she seemed to wait for applause, and it did not come immediately … and when it did it was less than thunderous.

One female exec in the room said afterward, “The night was supposed to be about inspiration, but it turned into another, ‘poor little Taylor Swift.’ It’s hard to watch someone who’s had such incredible privilege … to complain about their own personal issues.”

You can watch the full speech here:

  • Ruth Bosic says:

    I’m so tired of poop little Swift and angry little Greta. Put up your big girl pants and get on with life you two.

  • Mike says:

    Someone needs to slap the little bitch until all that shit comes out of her head. Another stupid, two-bit broad. What would she do if she ever had to work for a living?

  • Lm says:

    I thought the speech after you get an award was to say thank you. A 15 minute rant and lecture which includes dissing many of the people who you’ve worked with in the past seems pretty mental. This one can’t stand criticism and has to write an angry song everytime she feels slighted. I have never seen anything so awkward and basically miserable. The uncomfortable silence of the crowd who at times when they showed them, seemed uncomfortable and bored was weird. They got all dressed up to go to a fun award show, and ended up having to listen to a spolied brat tell her boring , whiney life story and instead of smiling and saying thank you and thanking the people who supported her, she ranted about how unfair the world is and how much she hates men! Good times!!!! What a drama queen

  • taterr says:

    Shes not a total Idiot. Shes got where shes at with awsome management team.( Ashame they werent there to consult this MORON on her mouth) With everything but her STEWPID IDIOTIC thoughts an that devastating Peanut BRAIN she just used. But there again we listened an now formed our opinion. So some(NOT I}will keep buying an listening and ALOT wont.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • CF