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Sen. Ted Cruz knew how to set the stage.

Opening a hearing Tuesday on the violent riots that have wracked the country with the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and the so-called anti-fascist group known as “antifa,” the Texas Republican made it clear from the outset exactly what the topic was going to be.

And in this case, seeing was believing.

With a video lasting just over a minute and filled with images of arson, looting and street fighting, Cruz backed up the central tenets of why he called the hearing of the Subcommittee on the Constitution he chairs. Americans have been watching almost nightly violence in the streets of Portland, Oregon, for two months.

Before that, in late May and June, the country watched city after city succumbing to rioters who stole untold millions in property and caused untold millions in property damage through arson and mayhem.

At least 24 deaths have resulted from the riots, according to The Daily Caller.

The mainstream media likes to call all that “mostly peaceful.” Cruz has a different take.

“Antifa is fundamentally against free-speech and is using peaceful protests as a cover and an excuse to engage in violence and other criminal actions,” Cruz said in a Thursday statement announcing the hearing, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“We are seeing this most clearly in Portland right now, as criminals are trying to burn down the federal courthouse. The hearing will highlight how antifa and other anarchists are hijacking peaceful protests and engaging in political violence that is not only criminal, but antithetical to the First Amendment.”

  • Matt says:

    Nadler pretends that Antifa does not exist. In exactly the same way J. Edgar Hoover pretended that the Mafia didn’t exist and that there was no organised crime in America.

    It’s since been revealed this was because the Mafia had a photograph of Hoover dressed as a woman at a party and had learned that his nickname was J. Edna Hoover.

    What have they got on Nadler?

  • F***antifa says:

    Can’t bust them on the RICO act? There has to be a way to take out their heart and watch them wither and die.

  • JACK Scarpon says:


  • CF