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Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott heaped the highest praise possible on Vice President Mike Pence saying “I’ve never seen a president a vice president or a cabinet who have responded as swiftly to people in need like the people of Texas overcoming the tragedy of hurricane Harvey.”

Governor Abbott: “I want to take an opportunity to thank the vice president of the United States for coming to Texas today.

We had a remarkable and informative but also a heart-breaking trip as we saw devastation from Rockport to all the way over to Victoria. We saw broken homes and we talked to so many people with broke up hearts, but we also saw something that is so incredible that has risen because of this crisis and that’s the resiliency of our fellow Texans and fellow Americans.

We went up to some homes of people who had their homes completely destroyed, they were sitting out front and they were just proud to be a Texan and proud that we were there to help them out. We went to help remove debris from a lawn that was completely littered and I had the chance to hold a two week old baby.

A baby that was born just days before Hurricane Harvey hit our coast. And his mom was a prideful mom beaming with that big motherly smile that you would expect as if the storm had never hit. But I want you to know, it has hit. It’s hits the lives of people all the way to Jefferson county and horrific flooding in between and I’m so proud of the way that the president and the vice president and their entire cabinet have stood up and stood strong and supported people of Texas.

Since more than a week before the hurricane even came a shore, the president in his cabinet were in constant contact with my office saying what can we do for the people of Texas. Every since then it’s been close daily collaboration between my office with local officials and with the White House and with their cabinet.

I’ve never seen a president a vice president or a cabinet who have responded as swiftly to people in need like the people of Texas overcoming the tragedy of hurricane Harvey.

I thank you Mr. President and the cabinet members with us today and I got to tell you.”

The way President Trump and Vice-President Pence have marshaled all of the available resources of the federal government to help the people of the great state of Texas through the devastation of Hurricane Harvey has been remarkable.

It’s also incredible to see a President and Vice President speak and act like they really care about average Americans after 8 long year of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Now it’s time to come together and rebuild Houston, it’s economy, and it’s people and Make America Great again!

What do you think about how President Trump and Vice-President Pence have managed during the hurricane? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Lynda R. Wortham says:

    Outstanding response from all levels of our government!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  • Jean Markham says:

    So proud of how our Vice President and President have both stepped up to help people and to encourage them and give them hope.

  • Diann Bowman says:

    We are truly blessed with Godly leadership. Thank you both for following the lead of the Lord .❤️❤️❤️

  • kadie says:

    Everything they do is first class. I wouldn’t expect them to handle this any differently.

  • teresita r zinman says:

    Only in America. Love my country and Thank you to President, Vice President and Governor. To the Governor we are sorry for your lost but we know that with the country behind you you will be better than before. Love Texas. from Virginia

  • CF