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The Austin Independent School District in Texas approved revisions to its sexual education curriculum for third- through eighth-grade students during a meeting that started Monday night and ended Tuesday morning due to the number of concerned parents who wanted to give input on the curriculum, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

Although the curriculum was unanimously approved by the board, 126 parents signed up to give their feedback on the changes. The parents were reportedly roughly split between parents speaking against the curriculum, and those who were in favor of it.

Those against the new education plan raised concerns that it gives children too much information at a young age, that it normalizes sexual behavior in children, and that it teaches information about gender identity and expression that runs counter to the beliefs and values of some in the community.

“I get the sensitivities around the LGBT issues,” said Matt Pennies, a parent who has daughters in the school district but who has pulled his son out.

“I tried to say this, but I was drowned out by the chaos — even in a strictly heterosexual context, this content is just so aggressive. It’s just so much, so soon.”

There were competing protests surrounding the school board meeting, and one arrest was made.

Much of the curriculum focuses on teaching students about human anatomy and reproductive function. Other sections focus on helping students establish boundaries and learn that their bodies are their own. Students are helped to identify trusted adults with whom they can discuss these topics, whether that includes parents or others.

Students are also taught about puberty and the development of their bodies, and about sexually transmitted diseases.

Beginning in fifth grade, students begin to learn about gender. They’re taught the difference between biological sex, gender identity (what gender a person believes themselves to be internally), gender expression (what gender a person expresses himself or herself outwardly), and attraction (what gender/sex a person is attracted to), and the ways those different things may all align or be different.

You can read an overview of the curriculum for each grade from third through eighth here, and a see a detailed lesson plan for third through fifth grades here.

The College Fix reported that later lessons include graphic and/or realistic role-playing exercises aiming to teach children about “coerced oral sex, promiscuity, and drunk sex.”

“The bigger picture is to normalize these behaviors and to teach them to children so that they can feel OK with engaging in these behaviors, but they are not,” Caryl Ayala, director of Concerned Parents of Texas, said, according to KVUE-TV. “No child should be engaged in any kind of sexual activity.”

Parents do have the choice to opt-out of having their students participate in the sex ed curriculum, or they can attend the classes to monitor what is being taught and how.

  • Maggie says:

    Wouldn’t be teaching my child – that I would do myself! Better concentrate on math, English, history, etc.

  • Chaz says:

    Sounds to me like a pedophile summer camp – nice going Austin, TX. The loonies are running the asylum there, sounds like!!

  • Pat says:

    I’d pull my children out of that school district in a nanosecond!

  • Evangeline says:

    Sex should be taught at home. End of!

  • LST says:

    I learned about anatomy when I got my hands on my first issue of Playboy at age 13! I didn’t learn about it in school or at home.

  • Fred Sheehan says:

    Austin Independent School District ranks 507th of 979 Texas districts. I believe the students would be better served by focusing upon teaching reading, writing and arithmetic. I guess it is time for parents to object to supporting the school district with tax revenue on religious and ethical grounds, and engage with a class action suit against the district and the state, as appropriate, in Federal court. Gofundme?

  • Gr8awakening says:

    Never thought Texas would become California. That place is now a hotbed for pedophile networks and openly attacking our families.
    We cannot allow these criminals to continue down this path.

    • sepepper says:

      Naturally, the deviant commies who migrated from the Land of Fruits & Nuts (CA) and elsewhere would target the state capitol of Texas by injecting it with their kind of trash. It’s part of their strategy/agenda.

  • CF