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Sheriff Troy Nehls–Fort Bend County, Texas–is warning would-be looters to rethink entering his county. The sheriff says his residents are armed and would-be looters might end up getting hauled to the morgue in a bag.

Fox News asked Nehls if he had witnessed looting in the aftermath of Harvey, and he said he did “hear of looting around the greater Houston area,” he specifically mentioned Harris County. But he stressed that his county is a completely different situation:

As far as Fort Bend County, we haven’t [had looting]. I made a comment the other day that we support the Second Amendment here in Fort Bend County and there are many of us that are armed. I would caution those that want to come and prey on our people here in Fort Bend County, that are suffering so much right now, you may want to stay out of Fort Bend County, because you could leave this county in a bag.

Fort Bend County is located just to the southwest of Houston and Harris County. The county continues to experience rising water from the Brazos River. Many homes and businesses remain underwater.

  • jo crow says:

    Could not have said it any better. Texas means business!!!!

  • trancesca says:

    So well said, more talk like that by the Sheriff could get this country sorted out in a trice. Happy hunting!

    1- Loving America has no need for treachery but plenty of need to punish treachery.
    2- Takers giving nothing in return to got out fast.
    3- Trouble makers shown no mercy.
    4- CHILD ABUSERS – kids of any age,endangered in any way by adults must be made to suffer the consequence-Pizzagate-‘Hotdogs’ said to be led by mentally sick men, and money…after treatment by the authorities the sick will be instantly cured,those that do it for money will no longer require it they get shot dead as in war. Armed adults at war with defend-less Unarmed kids that kill and maim cause the young permanent injury for life should be punished accordingly,sent to the gallows or worse. God spare America from wicked deeds.

  • Roger says:

    You don’t have to shoot all the looters. Just 3 or 4 . The rest should get the message. If not you are cleaning out the gene pool

  • CF