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Linval Lindsay, a Jamaican immigrant, teared up when he finally became a naturalized American citizen Monday — decades after serving in the United States Army.

Immediately following the New York City naturalization ceremony, which was broadcast live on Fox News, Lindsay spoke with “Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt.


Earhardt mentioned that she had been drawn to Lindsay because she had noticed him wiping away tears as he swore allegiance to his new country.

“It has been very emotional for me today. I’ve been postponing this thing for longest time. I finally decided to do it. I’m so happy I did. It is so emotional,” Lindsay responded.

“Tell me your story,” Earhardt prompted.

“I was drafted more than 50 years ago. Served in, went up to Greenland. Went up to Greenland twice. I came back. The Army has been my, one of the best two years of my life, really,” Lindsay replied. “My mother cried, I’m so happy she cried. Today I’m happy.”

Earhardt asked one last question: “What does the flag mean to you, sir?”

“Oh, everything,” Lindsay said. “Everything.” He noted that he still loved Jamaica, but that he was proud to be an American.

“We’re both Americans,” Earhardt smiled. “God bless you.”

Lindsay was one of 12 veteran immigrants — representing nine countries — to be a part of Monday’s ceremony officiated by U.S. Customs and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli.


  • Stephen says:

    Should citizenship all immigrants now serving in all armed forces, needed, speed up process For ALL serving, ALL rates & ranks

    • Mars says:

      GWB made it possible for any immigrant, who served Honorably, to get their citizenship for free. I took advantage of it and became a citizen in 2010. Served four years active and two years in-active Reserves USAF (76-82). So this means I’ve taken the Oath twice…:) #AIMHIGH

  • CF