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Some Internet sleuths claim Biden was wired last night and they believe they have proof.

It is widely known that Joe Biden is in declining mental and physical health.

Before last night’s debate the Biden team disagreed to drug testing and being checked for ear plugs and other mechanical devices.

FOX News Reporters confirmed reports that Biden did not want to be checked for wires before the debate and said they would have to keep an eye on this:

Now some observers claim Biden was wearing a wire in last night’s debate. During the debate Biden reached into his jacket and realigned something there. As he pulls out his hand what looks like a wire appears in plain sight:

There are other pictures showing something falling out of Joe’s sleeve (some are indicating this might be a bracelet):

And there’s a video of that thing on his wrist as well (which might be a bracelet):

It’s no surprise that the Democrats would cheat. They spied on candidate and President Trump and attempted a coup of his presidency. As long as they get away with it they will continue to lie, steal, cheat and attempt to overthrow our government.

What were those wires and objects under Biden’s jacket? Were the Democrats cheating again? And is it any surprise?

  • Karen Thomas says:

    That’s the only way the dems can win, they cheat.

  • Fran says:

    Lie cheat steal and even kill that’s the Communist Democrat way to win the election.

  • The fact that Biden would not agree to be searched for a device says it all. I said from the beginning..they will cheat and he will be wired and fed each answer. They can not deny the wire..and the device inside his sleeve. He kept fiddling with his jacket and It was obvious. You think this is unfair..wait until they tally the mail in ballots. Hold onto your seat Patriots..this war has just begun.

    • Paula says:

      Heather you are so right… they insisted on this mail in vote….very much pushing it because cheating is all the know how to win…. over and over and over again yet they get away with it and for that you can blame the corrupt news media…they are complicit in it all the way ever since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Fake news is on Trumps lips daily and they hate him for that.

  • Mike says:

    Just like everything Biden is involved in; it’s all fixed and corrupt. 47 years in Washington, D.C. and he still has no fucking clue. I would expect more from a man with three college degrees (ha ha ha ha ha).

  • Pete says:

    If that’s a bracelet the dangle is hanging the wrong way in relation to his arm. I should fall down his sleeve, not up toward his upraised hand.

  • CF