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A myriad of Democrats and left-leaning politicos swiftly pounced on President Trump Friday for supposedly suggesting that George Floyd is “looking down from heaven” in appreciation of the United States’ strong May jobs report and saying “this is a great day for him.”

There’s only one problem — they’re completely ripping the president’s comments out of context.

Yes, the president was delivering a scheduled address about the May jobs report from the Rose Garden Friday morning and yes, during that address he suggested that “this is a great day” for George Floyd. But those two facts are not directly related as many are suggesting. During the address, Trump changed subjects to specifically speak about the country’s push for equal justice under the law.

“Equal justice under the law must mean every American receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement regardless of race, color, gender or creed. They have to receive fair treatment from law enforcement,” Trump said, veering away from his prepared remarks.

“We all saw what happened last week. We can’t let that happen,” he continued. “Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying, ‘This is a great thing that’s happening for our country.’ This is a great day for him. It’s a great day for everybody. This is a great day for everybody. This a great, great day in terms of equality.”

At the close of those brief comments, the president then clearly shifted back to his prepared comments with a marked transition. Just watch the end of the video above.

But the mere proposition that Trump may have let slip such controversial and unsettling remarks was enough for so many to run with the news without stopping even for a moment to check the facts.

The Daily Caller’s Greg Price was able to round up many of the “hacks” who attacked the remarks on social media in a list that includes several journalists and even the Democratic National Committee War Room.

Price asks in one of the tweets, “Will any of these people retract?”

The Guardian also published a report that includes tweet outrage from several Democratic lawmakers, including Virginia Sen. Mark Warner and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill.

  • LST says:

    Of course the lying media is going to twist it around, they’re incapable of reporting the truth.

  • Parcel Man says:

    Liberals lie all the time. They are very secular people. They are not religious people who have to answer to a higher power. They believe you live your 50-90 years, die, go into the grave and the worms eat you and you become fertilizer. There’s no God, after life, there is no final accountability where you must give an account of yourself that will determine where you will spend eternity. You die and it’s over. So why not lie, cheat and steal if you can get away with it and it will benefit you? Why would you want to be a Mother Theresa as opposed to a Hitler? They both end up in the same place….a 6 foot deep hole in the ground and that’s the end of it. Biden lied just recently. He said Trump was responsible for so many people being out of work. That’s a lie. The Trump economy was roaring. More people were working than ever before. It was the coronavirus caused by China(and probably deliberately so), not Trump. They blame Trump for the riots. Another lie. The riots were caused by some idiot policeman in a badly trained police force in a liberal far left city. Is it Trumps responsibility to train every city police force in the country? Liberals lie all the time.

  • Susan Meyer says:

    According to Democrats President Trump has not done one thing right since he announced he was running for President. How sad that this group of people (I’m sure there are some that don’t think this way) have so much hate for one person who has done everything in his power to make America the great country our forefathers meant it to be. All we hear from Democrats is said or written with pure evil in their hearts. It is not President Trump’s fault that China decided to bombard our country with this awful virus. It is not President Trump’s fault that terrorist groups along with American citizens decided to destroy their own city in Minnesota. Our country had the greatest economy we have seen in decades. Unemployment was as low as we have seen in decades. President Trump loves American and its citizens. Why in heavens name is it so hard for you Liberals to recognize this. These things not only benefit Republicans, but Liberals as well. Liberals are so power hungry they don’t care who they hurt to get complete power. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? HOW CAN YOU SHOW YOUR EVIL FACES IN PUBLIC? America is the greatest country on earth. Why are you so against a republican trying to make it even better? Get off your high horses and help President Trump. PLEASE SHOW SOME APPRECIATION FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES. Thank you.

  • Matt says:

    It would be so nice if the Democrats would stop doing their Nazi goose-step dance on the still warm corpse of George Floyd.

  • Evangeline says:

    He didn’t mean it about himself. He was saying that he thought George would be happy his country was doing so well right now. A sweet thought but I doubt Georgie is in heaven.

  • Milissa says:

    Until they are held accountable, there will be no change. I never thought that FCC regulation of these outlets would be a good thing, but now I see that it must happen.

  • carol says:

    Let disband the news media sense they can’t get the news right.

  • CF