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Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” character Mike Baxter is trying to teach exchange student Jen (Krista Marie Yu) about capitalism in Thursday episode, as she looks into the best way to earn money for her geology club’s bake sale, NewsBusters reported.

At the end of the show, Baxter on his vlog actually calls out Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — both staunch anti-capitalists, with Sanders an admitted democratic socialist — while defending capitalism and extolling the compassion of its adherents:

“Hey, Mike Baxter here for Outdoor Man to talk about one of my favorite passions. No, no, no, not guttin’ a deer while listening to the Lovin’ Spoonful. I’m talkin’ about capitalism. Now, old Bernie and young Elizabeth tell the folks capitalists are coldhearted, money-grubbing vultures. When you put it that way, you make it sound like a bad thing. But we’re also human beings with a conscience. Conscience. You remember those?”

Later, he reminds viewers that “evolved’ capitalists should listen to their consciences “every once in a while,” as that’s the best way to do business and continue capitalism’s “recipe for economic success”:

.”..I mean, sure, paying your workers with baseball cards and bubble gum would increase profits, but it’s wrong! Listen, a good boss should know how to make a buck and still be a human being. You see, capitalism, it’s just a recipe for economic success, and it doesn’t taste quite right until you sprinkle in a little morality. That’s why, here at Outdoor Man, we provide benefits for our part-timers, paid medical leave, and all-you-can-eat chili at the Annual Meat Summit. Which sadly leads to a lot of paid medical leave. Happy employees make good employees, and that’s good business. Baxter out.”

Check it out:

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  • Don Ferguson says:

    —— ECONOMIC SYSTEMS SIMPLIFIED so even I can understand it.

    The United States has three economic systems. There are more, but these 3 are the ones that effect our country the most:
    CAPITALISM: Should allow all citizens the ability to work and become rich.
    SOCIALISM: Should allow all citizens the ability to share the work and profits equally.
    FASCISM: Used to start new economies. Workers are paid low wages, profits go to bankers and big businesses.

    Oversimplified: capitalism makes money; socialism spends money, fascism is both used to make money and disperse profits. There are benefits and problems with each system. Fascism works great to grow a country’s economy the fastest, but requires large investments with little or no government control. With no control fascism is used by the elite to make millions of dollars, and deep state to maintain the status-quo. Capitalism works great at making money, until management stops sharing profits with the workers – ‘why share when you can keep it all for yourself’. Socialism works great at sharing the work and the money until workers learn they can get the money without sharing the work – ‘why work when you can get it all for free’.

    Does not take a genius to figure out that the ideal economic system will use fascism to get a country’s economy started; then install capitalism to make the money, and socialism to spend the money.

    It really is that simple. But greedy bankers; money brokers; big business leaders; politicians and liberal/protest leaders do not want to change the fascist system of Dark Money; warfare; corporate welfare, or using free federal benefits to get votes, etc.. Their greed can destroy a country.

    Greedy leaders will keep using fascism by making it very complicated; like neoliberal capitalism; The Davos’ Modern Monetary Theory (MMT); our Federal Reserve system (think Repo. Market), etc.. So complicated that most people will not even try to understand it, much less change it. Even liberal/protest leaders need fascism, without it they would not be needed – nothing to protest. A form of fascism is the economic system the United States now uses to spend the profits. It must (and will) be changed. The only questions are when and changed to what?

    SOLUTIONS (Stop protesting the problems, start protesting for solutions):
    Stop fascism – AUDIT the Federal Reserve to stop federal debt: payments to bankers; big business leaders; politicians, etc…
    Stop capitalism abuse – Congressional TERM LIMITS to stop lobbyist’s bribes for political payoffs, etc…
    Stop socialism abuses – FEDERAL BENEFITS for citizens only: Direct to the disabled; others pay with volunteer work or child care.

    Not perfect, but at least a good start. Consider future protests for a flat tax rate; value backed currency; loser pays costs in civil lawsuits, and protest for individuals right to protect themselves and their families from criminals; rapists; drug cartels; gangs, etc.; reinstate the three control systems that used to keep our government in balance (Democratic voting system, unbiased media, unbiased judicial system).

    MY OPINION: None of this is possible, it is too late. My suggestion for the younger generations is to learn a second language; get your passport, get a second citizenship and be ready to leave the country. For the rest of us – buy a gun and pray!

    • Intellectual Impaler says:

      Capitalism would work better if the Government didn’t want the fruits of our labor in their pockets instead of ours.
      Socialism was tried here before and the colony almost died out.
      Fascism is that age old word Slavery in economic terms. People just want to keep rehashing that up after it was abolished and move on toward the future and not live the past.

  • Susan Bittner says:

    I enjoy watching Last Man Standing – even more now that Mini – Mike Bloomberg doesn’t advertise at all during this show!! I’m so sick of his ads – besides the fact that he is a boring speaker, so mousey – he just drips for wanting to beat TRUMP! That’s his only goal – nothing substantial about making America better or putting Americans first! He’s just full of hot air and no plan!

  • taterr says:

    Tim Allen and Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) are awsome. They tell things that matter to the working class. Some things we already know an some we learn. Its crazy some of the things out of Tims mouth on the show but there Very TRUE an Sensible (I think so anyway).Folks our kids are taught how to go by what there told on Social media An unfortunately some in classroom( An yes its IDIOTIC an yes it SUCKS). Learning how to stand on there 2 feet in the US is a Prime for us parents an GRANDPARENTS. Our Politicition have been running there mouths ( Not the Country for goin on 3 yrs now(except Mr P). Me like 90% of YOU (ALL MINORITES) are tired of all this BS. Please ARREST or FIRE the Priks that are Lying,Traitors,Stealing or Wasting WE THE PEOPLES money and or time.

    enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • Matt says:

    Cool, because it is so true.

  • CF