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A Black Lives Matter activist danced and stripped in front of New York Police Department officers outside of the One Police Plaza in New York as the individual attempted to ridicule them for doing their jobs.

The incident, which was caught on tape by Town Hall’s Julio Rosas, shows the activist perform a dance in front of the officers before berating them.

Shortly after the dance, the protester removed his-or-her top and began mocking the officers, claiming that they can’t even “read a f*cking history book.”

“I can’t believe y’all are getting paid to sit there like f*cking idiots,” said another protester nearby. “You guys go to clown college for like 26 weeks…”

The dancing protester then stepped in and stated, “You know, a hairdresser has to go to school for longer than you do.”

An individual said as he pointed to black officers:

Half of you don’t even have a college education to be out here making demands about the people when you can’t even read a f*cking history book and know where you come from. But you want to sit here and tell me that you’re educated enough to make demands about shit you know nothing about.

The individual then began targeting black officers, telling them they are traitors to their race and insisted they are like the “black Judas.”

“You should f*cking know better,” the unidentified person said, pointing directly to two black officers. “You should know better. Traitor! Traitor to your fucking people. You’re like the fucking black Judas.”

Shortly after the protester’s dance performance, officers were swarmed with other activists in the area and had to take action by telling them to back up.

“Back up,” said one officer. “You’re not going to surround us.”

A protester in the crowd can be heard calling the officer a “p*ssy,” telling him to “put the stick down.”

  • DJ says:

    It is shame the law protects you.

  • ed says:

    The mental illness is deep there. Wow.

  • PT says:

    That’s not a woman. You can tell by the way it dances.

  • Mike says:

    Looks more Like a TRANNY…

  • Matt says:

    A white protester called a Black officer a Judas. Yeah! White privilege in action, there! She/He/It claims the right to racially abuse a Black person because “reasons.”

  • David says:

    He/she said they need to read their history books. It is these protesters and rioters that need to read. Less than 3% of the people of the time were slave owners. Out of that less than 1.5% were white. The rest were prominent black owners and slave traders. Let no one deceive you this is not about helping blacks. This is a marxist movement preying on poor uneducated black people and young impressionable kids looking for something to be apart of. When we get good leadership in the cities and states this will go away. It will be a mess cleaning it up but for America to survive this has to be halted any way possible.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    Go back to your Mothers’ basements and play your video games.

  • CF