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Trey Gowdy BRUTALLY SILENCES Pro-Illegal Congressman, Humiliates Him On LIVE TV



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There’s a reason why progressives recoil in horror at just the mere mention of Trey Gowdy’s name, and perhaps this latest video will explain why.

Congressman Hank Johnson an ultra progressive (and arrogant) Democrat was questioning a border patrol enforcement agent, peppering him with either “yes” or “no” questions and abrasively cutting the law enforcement agent off, before the agent could elaborate further on whatever questioned asked.

This rude and apparently abusive line of questioning continued as congressman Johnson continued disrespecting the agent, implying that he was a Republican and therefore was against comprehensive immigration reform, in which the agent responded that his role was to enforce “existing immigration law.”

The tense exchange ended when Congressman Johnson attempted to once again cut the agent off, which immediately drew Chairman Gowdy into the debate, instructing the witness to continue his answer which sent Congressman Johnson into a tizzy, and that the Chairman didn’t have the authority to intervene, Gowdy assured Johnson he does, especially when a witness is denied an opportunity to speak freely.

And although the time limit had run out the agent completed his answer about the importance of having heavy weapons, especially when dealing with drug dealers and criminal gangs crossing the border, or capturing illegal criminal immigrants who might be armed.

Do you think Gowdy was in the right when standing up to Congressman Hank Johnson?

Let us know your thoughts on Trey Gowdy’s takedown in the comments below.

Source: Usherald

  • Tom says:

    You go Mr. Gowdy. The point of order should be the stifling of testimony.

  • Robert Rudasill says:

    Hell yeah

  • Lou Johnston says:

    Absolutely. When an idiot is acting stupid.

  • Cathy Stokes says:

    You want to get things done the right way instead of the slow-mo theme song that comes out of Washington….get Trey Gowdy on the job and watch some real truth of action come to play. Need more like him.

  • Helen Cochran says:

    You are the Man! Go Gowdy Go

  • CF