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The bleak presidential portrait painted by the media keeps getting darker:

Donald Trump is spinning out of control, calling the Mueller probe unconstitutional, claiming he can pardon himself, embracing a lawyer who says he could shoot Jim Comey and not be indicted. He is slapping tariffs on allies and launching a global trade war. He couldn’t welcome the Super Bowl champs to the White House without being divisive. He is at war with a porn star. He is accusing the press of a disinformation campaign. He insulted Canada without even knowing the details of the War of 1812.

And Time’s cover portrays him as a lordly king, besotted by “visions of absolute power.”

So how is it that Trump’s approval rating has bounced back to 45 percent in the new Fox News poll, and 44 percent in the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll?
While that’s not a fabulous number, it’s roughly where Barack Obama was for several years, and hardly the statistic you’d expect from someone on the verge of political oblivion.

One obvious answer is the economy, stupid. We are at 3.8 percent unemployment, matching the lowest number in decades. And more than half in the Fox poll approve of Trump’s handling of the economy.

But it goes deeper than that. Much of the public simply isn’t breathlessly following all the scandal stuff and controversies and flap-of-the-day flareups the way the press corps is. Many voters shrug off his provocations and exaggerations because they think he is delivering for them on kitchen-table issues and like his economic warfare against China. Trump has also consolidated his Republican support to a remarkable degree; except for some contrarian lawmakers and conservative pundits, he is the GOP.

After more than 16 months in office, despite the media’s hair-on-fire approach, the country is growing more accustomed to his reality-show style. Things that once would have been explosive—he dictated the denial involving the Trump Tower meeting after his aides denied it!—now barely last a news cycle. He has changed the game.

As Rich Lowry puts it in Politico, “Trump seems a little less exotic…His zaniness isn’t as strange or threatening as it seemed at the outset. Trump’s tweets have gone from unprecedented use and abuse of the bully pulpit to something like the wallpaper of our national political debate.”

Now the Journal/NBC poll does contain some warning signs. By a 25-point margin, voters say they’re more likely to back congressional candidates who serve as a check on Trump. Fifty percent of those surveyed saying they want a Democratic-controlled Congress, with 40 percent wanting the GOP to remain in charge.

But I’m always wary of such national figures when these are ultimately local races, and only competitive in some districts. The pundits who once saw a blue tsunami coming are now not so sure that Trump will cost the Republicans the House.

And with the president heading this weekend to Singapore, liberal New York Times columnist Nick Kristof says this:

“Sadly, Democrats in Congress are responding in a quite Trumpian way: They seem more concerned with undermining him than supporting a peace process with North Korea …

“Trump’s newfound pragmatism is infinitely preferable to the threat of nuclear war that used to hang over all of us, so it’s mystifying to see Democrats carping about any possible North Korea deal.”
Kristof, who previously criticized “smug liberals” like himself for knee-jerk opposition to everything Trump does, has a point.

It’s not that the president, who has been busy lowering expectations for the Kim meeting, is going to instantly strike a deal.

But he no longer appears the warmonger that critics say is recklessly taking the country to nuclear war.

None of this means that Trump’s polls can’t slide if he makes mistakes or the Russia probe takes a menacing turn. But there is a yawning gap between his actual support and the media’s portrayal of an embattled and unpopular president.

  • Colleen Marie says:

    President Trump could accomplish World peace and US Domination and still the Democrats would be doing their upmost to get rid of him. Nothing is beyond their quest to regain power and Donald Trump is in their way having taken won the presidential race in 2016. The real problem with Democrats in power is that their party is overridden with far left Liberals bent on the One World Order/Globalist thinking which denounces our Constitutionally run Republic. Their quest for open borders would render our nation overrun and infected with other country’s criminals – like MS13. Look to California and imagine this for our whole United States. Trump is on the right path……albeit not a smooth talking politician. Imagine how much he could accomplish for the whole of our United States if Politicians on both sides would put our nation and it’s people first. Unfortunately; we may never know since DC is turning out to be so corrupt.

  • Joseph Vigue says:

    I pray to God almost every day that America’s politicians will someday in my lifetime remember that they work for US, not for their damned parties! As an independent, I vote for the person, NOT THE PARTY! I wish ALL Americans would do the same. Talk about making America great again——THAT would do it!! This all or nothing bullshit from BOTH parties has got to go. There are after all, a few good congresscritters on both side of the aisle.

    A great start to clean up the mess would be term limits. I won’t be holding my breath on that one however since the congresscritters would be the same people that would have to vote it in. Oh well, how about fixing the money madness that running for office has become? Why can companies, unions, and any other organizations donate so much as a single penny?? THEY ARE NOT VOTERS! Campaign contributions should ONLY be allowed from REAL LIVE PEOPLE and there should be a cap on that.

    I live in the small State of New Hampshire and was flabbergasted to learn that our U.S. Senate race last time cost almost 200 MILLION DOLLARS, the second most expensive Senate race in history, second only to the same years Pennsylvania race. They have about 12 times the population!

  • 1.
    I am South African. From South Africa I follow what your President is doing for America and for the FREE World; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS. amen. I APPLAUD your President, President Trump, ‘BIG TIME’ ! I say THANK YOU SIR.
    As a Christian I Like Support Admire Pray for your President ALL THE TIME.
    The Facts and the Truth show that your President, President Trump, is doing a Great Job for America and for the FREE World …. and THAT INCLUDES ‘little-old-me’ and my family sitting over here in Johannesburg South Africa. I say THANK YOU SIR.
    It really AMAZES me that MOST of the msm like cnn nyt wp and others are SO KEEN to ‘GO AFTER’ their own President, President Trump, ALL THE TIME, day-in-and-day-out. It actually SICKENS me to watch these Horrible Nasty Evil so-called ‘liberal”announcers’ and ‘presenters’ and their ‘panels’ on cnn. They are DISGUSTING, with their CONSTANT ‘Soros PROPAGANDA’ twisting of the Truth, telling half-Truths and LIES about their very own President, President Trump. It is SICKENING to watch such behaviour. They should be PROSECUTED. Simple.

    The FACT that your President, President Trump, is doing SO WELL for ALL the People of America, and for the FREE World is AMAZING. It is actually PHENOMENAL.

    He, your President, President Trump, is UP AGAINST the MAD GODless Evil Nasty Bitter msm like cnn nyt wp and others.

    He, your President, President Trump, is UP AGAINST MOST of the MAD GODless Evil Nasty Bitter ‘actors’ and ‘movie stars’.

    He, your President, President Trump, is fighting ‘tooth-and-nail’ against the MAD GODless Evil Nasty Bitter so-called ‘liberal’ Democrats.

    He, your President, President Trump, is UP AGAINST the MAD Evil Nasty Bitter so-called ‘liberals’ in Countries around-the-whole-wide-World.

    He, your President, President Trump, is UP AGAINST the Muslim RADICALS; the Mexican ILLEGAL Immigrants; the so-called Mexican Gangs and DRUG Lords.

    With all this MADNESS GODlessness Evilness Nastiness Bitterness against your President, President Trump, it is just PHENOMENAL AMAZING ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ how WELL the ‘polls’ are holding up. Right !!!!

    Want to know why ? HERE IS THE ANSWER.

    America is STILL ‘a Christian Nation Under GOD’.

    Americans, you have a Great Christian President, President Trump, and a Christian VP and a Great “TEAM”; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS. amen.

    Americans SUPPORT your President, President Trump. Simple.

    Lord Bless, love Michael and Meriel (heart).

    Love; Pray for your enemy says JESUS the Christ.

    • judy says:

      Thank you Sir, your post means a lot to me to hear how you feel….Good luck to you in all of your endeavors…I wish more people could read your post and then spend at least a few minutes thinking about it….Thank you again….It was wonderful to read….and I agree with every word…

    • Karen says:

      EXCELLENT comment!! Thank you and God Bless you, Sir! God is STILL ON HIS THRONE and IN CONTROL and He ALWAYS will be!

  • DougH2 says:

    Fact is, at no point in the month of June during Obama’s second year was he below 46%. We were in the middle of the Great Recession brought on by eight years of Bush with six years of a Republican majority in Congress and Obama still beats Trump’s approval numbers. At no point during Trump’s presidency has he earned as much as 50% approval. That makes sense since less than 50% of the electorate voted for him. He lost the popular vote by the largest margin of any elected President.

    The headline of the story and the text of the story relating to Trump’s approval rating is simply false.

    • Kamkoz says:

      Is it ? Or was your version of the numbers published by
      another online poll if a democratic/liberal website
      that no one knew of from the Republican side?

      I’ve seen my fair share of “those” types of polls.

      Of course “those” numbers for
      someone like Obama would be higher.

    • Kamkoz says:

      PS…if you would have read
      the article correctly, it said,

      “it’s roughly where Barack Obama was for several years, and hardly the statistic you’d expect from someone on the verge of political oblivion.”

  • Paul Capocasa says:

    You could have picked a better picture for the article. This one is going to set off the Dems on their rants about “White supremacist”, due to the fist in the air like that.

  • CF