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President Trump made an unscheduled visit to check on First Lady Melania Trump in the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Trump’s visit was not on the official White House schedule, but he made time for his wife as she recovers from a minor surgery on her kidney. The White House pool reports that he left the White House just after 4:00 pm.

Melania was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a surgery “to treat a benign kidney condition” on Monday.

  • Sun~Rose says:

    Perfect recovery and speedy return to home for You.


  • FCH says:

    This is just reason why our President and the First Lady are so special and we as a nation are so lucky to have them in the White House as our President and First Lady. These 2 just show us that the last 2 were the WORST 2 in history.

    • Olivia says:

      You have a really low bar of expectations here, if you’re calling Trump “so special” for stopping in to check on his (third) wife while she’s hospitalized.

      You also have rocks in your head if you think Obama wouldn’t have been attentive to his (one and only) wife if she’d been hospitalized. There’s NO reason (except flat out lies) for you to make such an assumption, or to assume that Trump’s visit to the hospital is a valid indicator of his fitness to lead a nation.

      • Mike Dar says:

        You sound jealous? What.. no one ever married you and when divorced made you into a millionaire? I guess you simply are not ‘fit’ enough to matter, to someone, maybe anyone.

  • Jeannette. Neal says:

    C.F. If you don’t publicize e-mail addresses, why have you not removed mine since the day I subscribed to your site? I don’t understand your logic. So I am respectfully asking you to please hide it or do whatever your policy provides. I enjoy the site and reading all the comments. I do not believe that I have made any offensive statements, nor would I ever use offensive language, like some of the posts I’ve observed here. Thank you.

  • CF