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President Donald Trump’s campaign responded to the primary candidacy of former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh with one word: “Whatever.”

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh reportedly sent the dismissive response to ABC News following Walsh’s announcement Sunday.

“I’m running because he’s unfit. Somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative,” Walsh told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos as he announced his official candidacy Sunday. “The country is sick of this guy’s tantrum. He’s a child. I’m going to run for president.”

Walsh told Stephanopoulos that he “doesn’t want” Trump to win, even if he loses the primary to the president.

“The country cannot afford to have him win,” he said. “If I’m not successful, I’m not voting for him.”

However, neither the Trump campaign nor the Republican National Committee seem all that worried about the president being replaced on the GOP ticket, especially given his popularity among Republicans.

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel told ABC News in response to Walsh’s announcement, “President Trump enjoys unprecedented support among Republicans,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McCaniel told ABC.

“He has already delivered a long list of incredible accomplishments for conservatives and the country. Republicans are firmly behind the president and any effort to challenge him in a primary is bound to go absolutely nowhere.”

  • Looch says:

    This stooge runs a radio show… he claims to be republican… but trashes Trump continuously on the air. Listeners are always calling in to let him know he’s a fool. Walsh is a zero… & obviously knows he has no shot. Just another tool trying to be relevant…. & stay on the air.

  • DIANE C says:


  • MAI ANH (ANNE) PHAM says:


  • TRUMP 2020 says:

    Joe is promoting his RADIO SHOW!

  • souper says:

    Joe Walsh? Who’s Joe Walsh? The guy from the Eagles? WTF is this dope? Does he have a bigger magic wand then the Prez,, to bring jobs back? I thought the libs were starting to shed candidates, now they bring in another one!?!?! Well I guess I’d say: You go girl, go burn through some of Bloomberg’s money.

  • Olga says:

    I would like to know who are given the money to this person and other two. This one is definitely fraud, mole, I am sure dems and Soros sent him to take some votes from Trump. Please, do not vote for them, they say the same words about our President, as CNN, MSNBC, etc. Its mean they have a goal to help Democrats. Trump is the only one, who works so hard for USA!

  • J Walker says:

    The #DoNothingDemocrats are not a party anymore.. they are an evil, conniving terrorist orgainization that has a platform of: HATE, racism, division, violence and brainwashing. Since Trump became president.. all they’ve done
    is BASH him and they use the FakePress to push their evil agenda.
    It’s SO refreshing to watch how millions are now waking up to the evil Deep State.
    Trump never wanted the job.. he was ASKED by the Good Military to help take the presidency away from the Deep State and rid the WORLD of corruption, pedophiles, child trafficking and treason..
    He’s doing it all for EVERYONE globally. I support him 150% while this clown above in the picture is probably just
    one more creature from the swamp!
    Trump 2020 & beyond!

  • CF