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President Donald Trump won more than double the votes in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday than former President Barack Obama did in 2012, according to early results.

Trump scored over 112,000 votes among Republican and independent voters in the New Hampshire primary, according to CNN’s tracker. Meanwhile, Obama saw around 49,000 votes in the state in 2012 among Democrat voters, the Washington Examiner reported.

Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire Tuesday, seeing just over 70,000 votes according to early polling numbers. Sanders also outscored Obama – with a contested field. Obama’s 2012 numbers came when he ran uncontested for reelection.

Exit polls conducted by CBS News found that almost two-thirds of participants would prefer a candidate who could beat Trump in the general election than one who aligns with their policy beliefs. Almost half of voters picked who they’d be voting for Tuesday in “the last few days,” the poll also found.

  • LST says:

    Trump/Pence 2020!!!

  • Karen says:

    All of the Democrats need to just drop out. They are all wasting their money running for president. It is going to be a trump landslide!

    • Wilson says:

      Good, let some of them file for chap 4 or 11 Bankruptcy. Maybe just maybe they will have to get real jobs flipping burgers. Half those people running have not worked a day in their miserable lives so they are ignorant as to how the middle class actually earn a living but want to dictate it.

  • Evangeline says:

    So New Hampshire wants socialism? How unAmerican they are!

    • PNut67 says:

      Well, they don’t want it too bad…
      70000 votes to 112000…
      Sounds to me the Indie voters don’t want Sanders this time around….cause he has publicly said he will turn America into USSR2…not in those words of course.

  • m says:

    I don’t know how everyone feels. We all need to pray for our PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT. Both of them do need our prays. 2020 Trump.

  • Don says:

    it’s a magic wand, Odumbo… take it to the bank!

  • Sharon says:

    TRUMP 2020 and a real huge RED WAVE 2020! Take back the House! Keep the Senate or better yet increase the numbers in the Senate so the Never Trumpers or weak Republicans do not matter!

  • Oh no says:

    Where’s Proud Patriot? Crickets………MSNBC is breastfeeding him right now to calm him down. Later he can put some Desitin diaper cream on his Trump rash

  • CF