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TRUMP HAS DONE IT! You Gotta See What He Made Saudi Arabia do for Him Today…



Now that Donald Trump has become our president, even Saudi Arabia and their manipulative regime is afraid of him! Trust me, you are gonna LOVE what happened today, but let me give you a quick bit of History first…

So earlier in the election, the super corrupt Saudi Prince Alwaleed decided to try and influence voters by posting some really offensive anti-Trump crap on Twitter.

Even back then, Donald Trump was not ready to take crap from ANY spoiled little Saudi Arabian Prince. He smashed him back with this:

Oh hell yeah! This is too good. Saudi Arabia does need to get the HELL out of our elections and our businesses. They are a greedy, corrupt empire that promotes radical Islam.

So, today the same dirty Prince Alwaleed Tweeted at the new President-Elect, and it looks to me like somebody took his big-boy pants away.

Awe. Cry all you want you little cry baby. Donald Trump is president now, and that means NO MORE using US weapons to arm terror groups while making TRILLIONS off of us. Those days are OVER!

Maybe try not beating women on the street stoning gay people to death and we will talk. Until then, sit down and SHUT UP!

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Source: Libertywritersnews

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  • Sabrina says:

    We the people of America love our president Trump..hes got money so he can’t be bought..He loves America. Hes already proven that..I do believe he will make America great Again..and bring back our American if your not with us then your against you may as well leave….

  • Sone Denise Etuge says:

    I am Really over Happy because normally not Everybody Will Love Him as President but the Truth is He Will Change American to His Feet Again… I beg of Him to Help Poor People like Us, and Let Him do Same to save Southern Cameroon,,,

  • CF