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President Trump gave an impassioned speech to the 37th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the U.S. Capitol Building Tuesday and shared an emotional moment with a 90-year-old woman in attendance.

During a deeply emotional moment, Trump invited up the family of a slain NYPD officer Miosotis Familia.

Familia was executed while sitting in an NYPD cop car by a mentally disturbed gunman with anti-cop views. The killer was shot to death by police soon after. Trump called up the Familia family members onstage and welcomed them with handshakes and hugs.

“We are honored to be joined today by the family of detective Miosotis Familia,” POTUS said. “New York police department, close to my heart. Come on. Can you open those Gates, please?”

After greeting younger members of the family, Trump motioned to an elderly woman to join him.

This was the 90-year-old mother of Officer Familia.

Trump greeted her with a kiss and said “I promised I wouldn’t tell you, she’s 90 years old.”


“But she’s really something,” Trump continued. “You look like 55 maybe? I tell you what, you got up those stairs better than I did.”

Trump welcomed an NYPD officer, who was on patrol the night Familia was killed, to give remarks.

The officer said, “[Familia] may have been lost that night, but she saved a lot of lives in turn because of her memory and everything that transpired after the fact.”

Trump closed his remarks, saying to the family, “You’re representing something so important,” then, pointing to the sky, Trump said “So she’s right now, right there and she’s looking down and she’s so proud of you. She’s so proud of you.”

“America lost incredible heroes,” Trump stated. “They will endure forever and ever. They’re going to endure forever. She will endure forever.”

  • Mary says:

    Feels good for once to have a President that will back the Military and the Law Officers. Can’t say anything nice about the other Presidents we have had that never did that.

  • Rizalina Talag says:

    This is a leader who really and deeply cares about the HUMAN FAMILY. May God shield him from all evil, and may the schemers who desperately want his downfall (biased media, crooked politicians and their cohorts, paid protestors, etc.) wallow in their quest for greed elsewhere where law and order is unknown. We the people count on helping the President keep his promise to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • CF