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Trump Just Did Something No President Has Done in 50 Years And The US NAVY’S GOING CRAZY



Donald Trump just announced a massive upgrade to the US Navy. Fox News is reporting that Trump that in response to trump’s demand for more ships the Navy proposed a massive 355 ship building plan.

The biggest since the cold war.

And it’s sorely needed. Just today, Iran taking advantage of Obama withdrawing our aircraft carriers from the mid-east threatened a Navy destroyer.

The Navy’s Force Structure Assessment, revised after Trump’s demand, calls for building an aircraft carrier built in Virginia, 16 large surface warships in Maine and Mississippi, and 18 attack submarines in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Virginia.

It also requests multiple amphibious assault ships, expeditionary docks and support ships.

Matthew Paxton, president of the Shipbuilders Council of America, said,

“Russia and China are going to continue to build up their navies. The Navy, more than any of the services, is our forward presence. We’re going to need this Navy.”

Damn right we will.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

  • Fred P says:

    I have a proposal why can’t we take whatever whith is needed along the whole southern border and make it military bases When you come to water it’s the Navy base when you’re on the land it’s an army base on Marine base and sprinkle in some Air Force. bingo hole border protected and forced by people were already paying and what great training they would get just my thought what does everybody think I’m looking for pros and cons

  • CF