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If you only listened to the House Democrats’ case against President Donald Trump, one could walk away thinking that freezing foreign aid to Ukraine was an unprecedented move by the administration.

But, as Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien points out, the White House’s top lawyer, Pat Cipollone, revealed to the nation and members of the Senate a major piece of evidence that Democrats have conveniently omitted from their presentations.

“They didn’t tell you that burden sharing was discussed in the call,” Cipollone said Saturday, referring to Trump’s call with the president of Ukraine.

As Cipollone pointed out, in his July 25 call with Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky, Trump told the newly elected leader that Germany and other European nations do “almost nothing” for them. According to transcripts of the conversation, Zelensky said Trump was “absolutely right.”

House Democrats “didn’t have time in 24 hours to tell you this [in their impeachment remarks],” Cipollone said.

Cipollone’s argument even resonated with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin who, in his analysis of the Trump defense team’s remarks, acknowledged the president’s lawyers raised a “legitimate” point by underscoring the president’s longstanding concerns with foreign aid and burden-sharing among nations.

“They did make one good point about [the transcript], I thought, which was the president did about burden-sharing in that phone call, and the House managers didn’t focus on that or even mention it. And fair is fair,” he said, the Washington Examiner reported.

“He has talked about it before, and that was, I thought, a very legitimate good point made by the defense,” he added.

Toobin also acknowledged that Trump is “winning” impeachment case against him.

True to the adage, the president’s counsel showed on Saturday that the best defense is a strong offense. In his remarks before the Senate, Deputy White House counsel Mike Purpura went on the offensive and highlighted “six key facts” that exonerate Trump of wrongdoing.

Among them, according to Purpura, is that the transcript of Trump’s call with Zelensky “shows that the president did not condition either security assistance or a meeting on anything,” In fact, “the paused security assistance funds aren’t even mentioned on the call,” Purpura said.

“The Democrats’ blind eye to impeach the president does not and cannot change the fact, as attested to by the Democrats’ own witnesses, that President Trump has been a better friend and supporter of Ukraine than his predecessor,” he explained. “Those are the facts.”

  • Mary says:




  • Boyd says:

    Then by all means, impeach Trump for being more friendly towards someone Obama wasn’t friendly with! Can’t have that going on!!

  • Matt says:

    Adam Schiff put his telescope to his blind eye and muttered to his Democratic Party colleagues “I see no exculpatory evidence for President Trump.”

  • Evangeline says:

    In another article I read, it said they omitted a lot more evidence than this that absolves Trump. If there was any dirty trick they could think of to pull to win this, they did it. And to Mary – not just Schiff but Pelosi, Nadler and Schumer, too!

  • proud patriot says:

    Oh, well if he mentioned burden sharing, then it doesn’t matter that he blackmailed Ukraine with our tax money in an effort to have them announce a sham investigation against his political opponent.

    It doesn’t matter that John Bolton will testify that Trump is 100% guilty. It doesn’t matter, you see, because even if Trump did it, we don’t care. He could shoot a child in a head on fifth Avenue and we would not care. We would not care and Trump knows it. We love Trump no matter what. He is the messiah. The Second Coming. Worship him.

    • Ed says:

      Geez, man, your TDS is taking your posting all over the place. Pretty entertaining, though.

    • Michael says:

      Oh well I guess it doesn’t matter that there’s actual video tape of Biden bragging about doing the very thing that the Dems are accusing Trump of, huh? You know, the video where he bags about how he told Ukraine they weren’t getting the $1 billion unless they fired the very prosecutor who was investigating corruption in the company where Biden’s son was serving on the board and being paid $80,000 a month? Unlike with Trump though, there is actual evidence of Biden, because it’s on tape. But that doesn’t matter, does it, you fucking imbecile?! Shut the fuck up, you stupid piece of shit! You’re constant moronic comments prove you’re a fucking idiot, and no one here is going to be swayed by your bullshit! Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong since he’s been in office. That’s why your precious little Dems can never come up with one solid piece of evidence to prove a single claim they make. Amazing, isn’t it, douche-bag? Do you see a pattern here? Of course not, you’re a fucking idiot, so how could you? Please explain how Trump blackmailed anyone, when Ukraine received the aid and no investigation into Biden ever took place? Go ahead, we’ll wait. Yeah, exactly. Shut the fuck up! And you’re trying to complain by throwing in our tax money? Well, if that’s what’s bothering you, then you should want Trump to with-hold foreign aid. Oh wait, but that’s exactly what the Dems are complaining about, that he with-held it. So, which is it, jack-ass, are you upset he temporarily delayed the foreign aid to Ukraine, or are you upset that he gave it to them at all? You can’t have it both ways. Of course you’re not even smart enough to realize how you totally contradicted yourself with your dumb fucking comment. Get a fucking clue, and try living in reality for a change, asshole!

    • Michael says:

      And another thing ass-wipe, discussing burden sharing and addressing concerns about possible corruption is a what a good president does, as opposed to just handing over $150 billion to a country who hates us,supports terrorists and chants, “Death to America!”, allowing them to get their hands on weapons to try and attack us with like you boy, Obama did.

  • yankeeyob says:

    Trump’s been saying that the whole time, that he wanted to get some of the European allies to come up with some help, instead of providing nothing but talk. But the Democrats either ignored it or acted all dismissive

  • Michael says:

    Wait, you mean the Dems with-held evidence and tried to twist the facts around to fit their own narrative?! No! I’m shocked! I can’t believe it! This is unheard of! It must be a mistake because they have never and would never do something like that? Right? Right?

  • CF