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As Trump Met With Chinese President Today, Ivanka’s Daughter Walked Up & Did Something AMAZING! [VIDEO]



President Trump’s granddaughter stole during his meeting with China’s president. She performed a song in Chinese for the visitors there.

God bless the Trump’s. They make our country look so great. Watch as Arabella and Joseph perform for President Xi Jinping and Madame Pen Liyuan’s visit to the US.

Ivanka tweeted the above video of her beautiful 5-year-old daughter singing for Xi and President Trump – while Melania Trump watched.


Trump told the children when they showed up: “This is the president of China.” Then Xi and his wife greeted the two of them. This is why we love the Trump’s! They go the extra mile.

Here is Arabella:

H/T Libertywriters

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  • NORMA McNair says:

    Thanks to all the Trumps!

  • Barbara Corbin says:

    That was so sweet. These children are so well behaved and do not seem to be shy at all I’m sure it made a very good impression on the guest. Thank you Ivanka for giving us a chance to be a part of this performance. God Bess you all.

  • HAZEL G. TAYLOR says:

    So happy to have the Trump family greeting our foreign visitors with such grace and thoughtfulness. Ivanka’s precious daughter is so cute and has a sweet voice and poise. I’m sure the Chinese president appreciated your gracious hospitality and good entertainment for his honor. May God continue to bless, favor, protect and encamp His Angels all about the Trump family and deliver you successfully and protected throughout your tenure as our honorable President and gracious family are serving our Nation. Yes, with God’s help America will be great again with hopefully 8 years of returning back to one Nation, Under God with Liberty and Justice for all, and our Constitution as our rule of law.

  • HAZEL G. TAYLOR says:

    filled it out but was never posted after I hit Post Comment WHY????????????????

  • Edith Goff says:

    That little Angel did a wonderful job

  • What a thoughtful gift for the visitors . Bet they loved it! I know all the Trump family had to be soooo proud. Great representatives of our country and hospitality.

  • Elaine Charapp says:

    What a beautiful child. And so talented. Great family. Proud to have them in the White House family!!!

  • CF