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President Donald Trump just marked another high point of his presidency.

It will be tough to tell from most of the establishment media’s coverage, but the results of a Washington Post/ABC poll released Sunday showed Trump at the highest approval rating of his administration.

And the poll was taken even before Friday’s blockbuster jobs report was released.

In the poll, which The Washington Post reported was taken from June 28 to July 1, Trump had an approval rating of 44 percent, with a 53 percent disapproval.

That’s lower than every other president since World War II except for Harry Truman, The Post reported, but it’s coming after Trump has been buffeted, since even before his administration began, by relentless attacks from the media and his Democratic opponents.

Those attacks are likely only going to get stronger as the presidential election — still 16 months away — gets closer.

But Trump’s strongest focus — the American economy — happens to be where surveyed voters gave him the highest marks.

According to The Post, 51 percent said they approved of how he’s handling the economy, with 42 percent saying they disapprove — a number that’s down from 46 percent in October.

Friday’s jobs report is likely only to strengthen that approval.

As The Hill reported Friday, the economy in June added 224,000 jobs — better than expected and wiping out worries that a decline in jobs creation in May signaled an economic slowdown.

“We had great numbers this morning,” Trump told reporters Friday. “And our country continues to do really well — really, really well. So we’re very happy about it. I think we’re going to — we’re going to be breaking records.”

As far as talk among Democrats about impeachment goes, the poll released Sunday found support for it dropping from 49 percent in August 2018 to only 37 percent. Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed were against the idea.

Of course, the poll released Sunday had some downsides for the administration.

“Most people surveyed do not approve of how Trump has handled major issues other than the economy,” The Post reported. “Forty percent of Americans like how Trump handles immigration, 38 percent approve of the job he’s done on health care, 32 percent approve of his handling of the abortion issue and 29 percent say he is doing a good job of addressing climate change.”

However, the poll found that in the crowded Democratic primary field, only former Vice President Joe Biden would be a clear preference among surveyed voters — and Biden is far from even winning the Democratic nomination at this point.

  • LST says:

    Those who disapprove are liberal assholes.

  • Rebecca Holstine says:

    75% of Republicans and even more of registered Republicans approve of what he is doing in all areas. And if I had my guess, even this poll which was not registered voters, add 10 points to it and it would be about right. I have never been ask and none of my family members have ever been ask what we think.

  • Paula Blissett says:

    President Trump is doing a very fine job,thus far! No Doubt,he will be our next President, AGAIN! Sorry Demo- Rats, you will loose, lol!

  • amie says:

    I don’t agree with him on EVERYTHING he does, but he is certainly better than the alternative. Will vote for him again.

  • CF