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Trump’s Approval Ratings vs. Bill Clinton’s at the Same Time In Their Terms – Look Who Is Leading…



President Donald Trump’s approval rating is higher than that of former President Bill Clinton at this time in his presidency.

Trump currently has a 38.6 percent average approval rating, according to statistics site 538, compared to a 55.7 disapproval rating. Clinton’s approval rating fell to 37.8 percent at day 138 of his presidency in 1993.

Clinton had a career-high approval rating of 60 percent only 40 days into his tenure in the White House, and Clinton’s fall to 37.8 percent is much steeper than Trump’s fall from a career-high of 47.8 percent.

The analysis conducted by statistics site 538 followed multiple approval rating polls, including the Real Clear Average, Gallup, and the historically right-leaning Rasmussen Reports polls.

Clinton fared slightly better when just the Gallup poll is considered, but still only tied the current president at 37 percent.

Trump’s approval ratings have never been high. He experienced lower initial approval ratings than former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan.