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Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) broke with other members of her party when she revealed that she believed that abortion should be limited, with exceptions, to before the start of a pregnancy’s third trimester. She also criticized her fellow Democrats for supporting open borders policies.

During an interview Monday, libertarian host Dave Rubin asked Gabbard to clarify her position on abortion. Rubin noted that Gabbard used to be pro-life and admitted that he was becoming more pro-life due to the recently radical abortion policies espoused by members of the Democratic Party.

Gabbard said that her own position had changed along with her “understanding of the role of government.” She said she took “a more libertarian position on this issue: that government really shouldn’t be in that place of dictating to a woman the choice that she should make.”

“I think that there should be some restrictions, though,” she continued. “You know, for me personally, I would not make that choice for myself, but I don’t believe that I should be telling anyone else the kinds of decisions that they should make for themselves or for their family. And, therefore, a woman should have a right to choose. And I will stand up and protect her right to do so.”

She also said that she believed that abortion should be restricted at “the third trimester, unless a woman’s life or severe consequences is at risk, then there shouldn’t be an abortion in the third trimester.”

This view is in contrast to her fellow Democratic candidates, including South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who argued Friday that a baby was not alive until it had taken its first breath.

Historically, Gabbard has made conflicting statements about her position on abortion. According to National Review, she initially claimed to be pro-life, but currently has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. She also said during this interview that her views on abortion were “libertarian,” yet she supports federal funding of abortion.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, Rubin said that “old school liberals, libertarians and conservatives” had told him that while they “don’t agree with her [Gabbard] 100%,” they “respect her.” Progressives, however, he said had been “screeching that she’s a sell-out, evil, right-wing maniac.”

Gabbard also criticized her fellow candidates for pushing for what she saw as open borders policies on immigration.

“I don’t support open borders,” she said. “Without secure borders, we don’t really have a country and while some of the other Democratic candidates will say, ‘Well, open borders, that’s a conservative argument and that’s not really what’s being advocated for,’ if you look at some of the practical implications of some of the things they are pushing for, it is essentially open borders.”

She said that she thought the country needed secure borders, although she did not believe that President Trump’s proposed border wall across the entire southern border was the most effective way to accomplish this goal.


According to the Real Clear Politics average, Gabbard is currently polling at 1.7 percent. That’s lower than all Democratic candidates this cycle except for Amy Klobuchar (1 percent), Julian Castro (0.8 percent), Bill de Blasio (0.8 percent), and Tom Steyer (0.5 percent).

  • William says:

    TULSI!!! Do yourself a really big favor and quit the Demonrat Party, and change to being a Republican!! Then in 2024, you and Candace Owens can run as President, (you), Vice President, (Candace)!! You just need to change your stand on Guns and Abortion!! Face it!! You’re more of a Republican than a Demonrat!! Think about it and get ion the CANDACE OWENS SHOW and breath some fresh air for a change!!!

  • Rebecca Holstine says:

    She is still a liberal Democrat and if elected she would fall right into line with the party. I heard her say she didn’t believe in abortion after the third trimester, or unless the mother’s life is in danger. That is a tired old excuse. My niece had her baby taken before she was 6 mos along, for health reasons. Sophia was a tiny, tiny little thing. But her momma and two aunts spent all day, every day touching and holding her. She lived and now is 15 years old and in high school. With no health problems. In this day and age there is no reason to abort a baby for the health of the mother. Medicine has come too far. A baby that far along can be delivered.

    • Steve Fye says:

      The mother’s life would be considered “in danger” if she says she’s gonna kill herself. So in other words, her words about abortion are just bugle oil. She’s far from a great presidential candidate. We could and should do better.

  • Steve Fye says:

    She is one democrat that doesn’t send shivers down my spine when thinking of her as president. I think she’s awakening to logical thinking, but she is a politician and politicians do lying better than anyone can comprehend. President Trump is doing what he promised, so I don’t see any reason to change leaders when things are going good. I’ve heard rumors Trump’s gonna offer her Bolton’s job. Lol…That would send the dems into orbit.

  • stephen russell says:

    Break ranks & join the GOP then or go Indie BUT dump the Dems.,

  • CF