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There have been several reports where Iranian “fast boats” endangered American warships in the Middle East. These “fast boats” are small military ships that swarm around larger ships.

This July was reported that Thunderbolt, a U.S. Navy patrol ship, was bothered by an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fast boat in the Persian Gulf.

When the boat approached within 150 yards the Thunderbolt fired warning shots. And this has been the first incident with Iran since Trump’s inauguration.

Many Americans feel upset when they hear about these incidents because it seems like Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are trying to threaten the United States’ military apparatus. But that is not what is going on, U.S. is actually demonstrating restraint.

America is a great power and we do not need some special new missiles to take care of these boats. All we need are two types of guns: the Mk 38 Mod 2 Bushmaster autocannon and the M2 heavy machine gun.

The M2 heavy machine gun is designed toward the end of World War and it’s a 50 Caliber Machine Gun, and the Mk 38 Mod 2 Bushmaster is new powerful equipment. They are both placed on the Thunderbolt to give him much higher protection.

So, as you can see if Iran decides to continue with their threats we are more than prepared to take them down.

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  • It seemed like a lot of our ammunition was used on that small boat….is that normal?

  • Rosemary Longworth says:

    We don’t need to be killing more people, and we don’t need to be fighting these endless wars.

  • bob riegel says:

    First, advise Iran that any vessel that comes within one mile of a US NAVY vessel will be destroyed. Then destroy that approaching vessel. Simple.

  • Pietro says:

    Aim well!!!

  • CF