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Angry pro-choice activists shouted and shrieked at a peaceful pro-life demonstrator during Tuesday’s #StopTheBans protest on Capitol Hill.

Activists swarmed the area demanding that states, such as Georgia and Alabama, reverse their newly passed abortion restrictions.

Live Action’s Alison Centofante showed up at the Tuesday event to declare her pro-life position on the march and the bans.

Other organizations were present at the march and at marches across the country, including the Women’s March, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL.

Centofante, who is director of strategic communications at Live Action, was on the receiving end of profane verbal abuse during the rally, despite her calm and affable demeanor.

“All right, pro-life Barbie, walk the f*** away!” one protester demanded of Centofante.

An elderly protester waved her sign in Centofante’s face while yelling, “F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! No, I don’t wanna talk!”

“You’re trash! You’re trash!” another protester shouted.

Several of the protesters gathered together and began chanting, “This is a Supreme Court, not a f***ing church!” while other mindlessly droned, “Our choice, our body.”

During the melee, Centofante was able to speak with a reasonable male BBC reporter, who spoke respectfully.

“If it is human rights that you’re worried about, that others pushing these bills are worried about, there are lots of other issues to start with women who are — with people who are already around in terms of health care, and maternal mortality. All kinds of things you could be focused on,” he said.

Centofante responded, “Right, those are huge issues. Let’s tackle them together. Maternal mortality rate. Poverty. Crime. All of these things. Let’s band together and work on these things, but right now you see all the air in the room is sucked out in the ability to kill an innocent child.

“Why is it that with abortion, every other societal ill has to be solved before we give them the right to legal protection?” she said. “Even when Roe v. Wade was argued, I’ll mention, Justice Henry Blackmun said that if you could prove personhood, that Roe would ‘collapse’ because that child would be guaranteed legal protection under the 14th Amendment.”

Others insisted that an unborn child is not deserving of such protections.

One man asked if a fetus has a social security number.

Another added, “Can the fetus apply for a driver’s license?”

Centofante even spoke to a man who appeared to be wearing a priest’s collar and clergy shirt and spoke of the sanctity of life — but also sported a Planned Parenthood pin.

“That’s bizarre,” Centofante remarked.


  • Mitch D. says:

    It’s not “Their body”….it’s the BABY’S body.

  • Big Montana says:

    These are the same people who spit on and called our soldiers baby killers during the war, now they are literally the baby killers.

  • Kathryn Lycksell says:

    Wow, the left verbally attacking an other person’s right to protest. Then there are always idiot statements like the one who mentioned SS number and drivers licence. No child has such things, so it’s mute and stupid to say. Growing up I knew the Catholic religion to be against contraceptives and abortion and here a priest is backing it. Apparently the left appears to be more atheist than not. It’s a sad thing when so many of this country have no faith to hold on to in their lives. Satan has had a hand in so many of ills of this country. These are lost people with no rudder.

  • Sue says:

    Good for you LIVE ACTION. Stand your ground.

  • Guido says:

    Life is sacred. Who is the guy with the coller? Probably fake.

  • watchhman48 says:

    One liberals says, does a fetus have a social security card? Does a fetus have a driver’s license?

    I am wondering, do the liberals actually have a brain?

  • CF