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UNREAL: Hillary Says Donations From Foreign Governments Are Corrupting U.S. Politics (VIDEO)



It’s a well documented fact that Hillary Clinton has taken money from numerous foreign countries, many of them hostile to the United States. For her to suddenly claim that she cares about this issue is the height of hypocrisy but that’s just what she’s done.

Speaking at a conference for U.S. mayors in Indianapolis this week, Hillary said the following:

“I don’t say this as a Democrat, I say this as an American. I think we are really skating on thin ice. It’s getting to the point where we have no idea where money is coming from. It’s not being disclosed. It could be foreign government money.”

It is absolutely jaw-dropping to hear this coming from Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video:

This is like having a known arsonist warn you about the danger of fire. If anyone in American politics knows about accepting dark, unaccountable donations from foreign governments, it’s Hillary Clinton.

  • Pete says:

    Well…no shirt, Sherlock!!
    Just rephrase that comment to ’money from out of state corrupts LOCAL POLITICS’, just as badly, if not WORSE !!! ,
    Accept NO MONEY from outside a politician’s local district…IN SPITE OF THE SCOTUS OPINION !!

  • Sandra says:

    You can’t make this up. Female version of Baghdad Bob.This woman is NUTS.

  • CF