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The US Supreme Court reinstated a law making it a felony to allow people to come or stay in the US illegally. The decision was unanimous, 9:0.

President Trump tweeted Tuesday night:

According to who republished the Epoch Times piece:

The Supreme Court unanimously resurrected a federal law struck down by an appeals court that made it a felony to encourage people to come to or stay illegally in the United States.

The May 7 ruling was a dramatic victory for the Trump administration, which had urged the high court to reverse a 2018 ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. President Donald Trump, who has made immigration his signature issue, also favors reducing both illegal and legal immigration, along with cracking down on illegal aliens.

The problem, according to the Supreme Court, was that the lower court selected activist groups to dominate arguments against the law and then accepted their reasons for why it should be invalidated, even though the defendant herself did not raise those same concerns in her defense.

President Trump praised the news also noting that 182 miles of border wall has now been built on the Southern border.

It’s time to use the law and start arresting individuals and punish entities, including states, counties, cities and localities, for enabling illegal immigration to go unchecked in the US today.

  • Alison says:

    American Patriot, Pres Trump, wins again for America! Unanimous decision by SCOTUS! Way to slap down the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals!

  • Pat says:

    The DOJ needs to start arresting the governors, attorney generals, mayors, and others, of sanctuary states, who have aided and abetted illegals. Set an example NOW!!

  • Marie says:

    It’s about time! Hell YES it should have been the case all along!

  • Marie says:

    That is right! If these mental midgets don’t follow the rules of our country, then we will make them follow the rules! Put these idiots in jail for a few months……

  • MAC says:

    Rhutt-Roe. It’s time to go.

  • Patriot1951 says:

    WOW! Thank you, SCOTUS!

  • CF