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Megan Rapinoe — the biggest star of the U.S. women’s soccer team — raised more than a few eyebrows by saying prior to the squad’s World Cup win that she’s “not going to the f***ing White House” to celebrate with President Donald Trump, but she’s far from the only player on the team who drops f-bombs for public consumption.

Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris has gained quite a bit of notoriety through her Instagram stories chronicling the team’s off-the-field antics. SBNation called Harris’ story of the post-World Cup locker room celebration “nothing short of phenomenal. So good, in fact, we decided to rank the best moments from her story because it was just that amazing.”

The outlet noted moments during which Harris said, “You’re f***ing welcome for this content, bitch!” and “This content’s f***ing gold, bitch!” along with video of star Alex Morgan twerking — as well as Harris yelling for Rapinoe to “get her ass in the f***ing locker room.”

Here’s video of it all, if you dare. (Content warning: Language):

But Harris wasn’t through by a long shot. There were more celebrations for her to chronicle, including New York City’s parade for the team Wednesday — before which players received commemorative keys to the Big Apple.

A video compilation purportedly of Harris’ Instagram story showed the team members drinking champagne and getting rowdy as the crowd cheered them during the parade. Toward the end is a clip of Harris holding her key to city and saying, “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock your f***in’ doors because we got the key to the motherf***in’ city, and I’m comin’ for all y’all bitches.”

Content warning: Language

Harris’ apparent Instagram story also includes her saying things like:

  • “We’re on a float, bitch!”
  • “And it f***ing begins, my friends!”
  • “Are you not entertained, bitch?” (borrowing from Russell Crowe’s line in “The Gladiator”)
  • “That is the motherf***in’ T.”
  • “It’s getting sloppy. It’s getting f***ing sloppy!”
  • “Pay us, bitch.”

As you might expect, quite a few observers didn’t appreciate Harris’ videos of herself or the team, saying their behavior was inappropriate, lacked dignity and class, and most definitely wasn’t role model-worthy for girls who may look up to them.

  • Polly says:

    No matter how some try to pretend they are something g else the gutter mentality remaindEr idiots only kicked a ball

  • Patriot Tim says:

    Total Low-Class Hussie. Why Americans Are Sick of the LGBTIPQ. End Sodom Shame Infestivals and Parades. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  • Sgt2U says:

    Champions indeed, They look more like a bunch of drunken idiots. I am ashamed they represent the USA!

  • Don T. says:

    So sad to see that even Alex Morgan participated in this totally classless display!

    And they criticized Hope Solo for her off-pitch activities. Ms Solo was head and shoulders above these trash.

  • CF