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Two St. Louis attorneys went viral late Sunday after videos and photos circulated on social media showing the lawyers pointing firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters.

According to the Riverfront Times, demonstrators were marching through a wealthy Central West End neighborhood to demand the resignation of Mayor Lyda Krewson, who drew backlash after revealing the personal information of city residents who advocate for defunding the police.

Video showed the personal injury lawyers shout and point their firearms at the demonstrators, who had forced their way into the private, gated community.


Another video, taken from a livestream, showed the crowd of people enter the private street, which is technically trespassing.

Video showed that protesters sought to de-escalate tensions by urging other demonstrators to keep moving and ignore the firearm-wielding couple.

The crowd of demonstrators that marched through the private neighborhood numbered approximately 500, the Associated Press reported.

After the incident went viral, the attorneys’ names were published online and there were calls for the lawyers to be criminally charged.

“A fellow lawyer from Missouri, a guy I know named Mark McCloskey committed an assault tonight in STL by pointing his AR 15 at peaceful protesters. He should be arrested and charged with assault immediately. The MO Bar should revoke their licenses,” Don Calloway wrote on Twitter.

Another lawyer claimed the attorneys broke a Missouri law prohibiting exhibiting “any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner.”

  • BRG says:

    good for them, perfectly within their right

  • FiuToYou says:

    They should have come out shooting!! This is just the same as busting through a window in a private home! You shoot the a-holes!!!

  • mike says:

    He did not “point” the AR15 at anyone in the video clip attached to the story. If he did, it was not on that video. He simply walked out carrying the gun and made it highly visible. The result….no shots fired, no deaths, no injuries and no property damage. The protesters got their 15 seconds of fame and made their point known. This may be one of the few potentially positive protests I’ve seen so far. Violence is not necessary to illustrate your point. How many times have a “reporter” staged a violent act to get it on video so they can try to win an award. The media use us and especially the protesters.

  • Sam says:

    Good for them. I say it’s open season on the blm’s. A private community with private roads. Protesters were trespassing on private property. Where were the cops?? I didn’t see any upholding the law, so, the homeowners have to protect it themselves. Shoot to kill.

  • Fast Eddie says:


  • Adam Selene says:

    I’m not as easy on dangerous and rioting trespassers as this couple was. With the level of verbal assault and threats, I could have easily fired on the group that destructively entered private property. I feel this couple was endangered and they were well within their rights to protect themselves and their property from these rioting hooligans.

  • CF