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THIS VIDEO IS GOING VIRAL – Country Singer Ray Stevens Exposed Obama With His New Song



A new song by music legend Ray Stevens pokes fun at a personal experience he had in the 2012 General Election. As Stevens sings about his deceased grandfather – who religiously voted and always voted Republican – suddenly switched sides. From beyond the grave, Stevens’ grandfather cast a vote for Barack Obama.

Ray Stevens may not be a name you recognize, but I can assure you that you have cracked up at one or two of his songs at some point.

If you remember his Dr. Demento hits “The Streak” and “Ahab the Arab,” his latest effort“Mr. President! Mr. President!” is going to put more than a smile on your face.

Ray brings some very serious issues of this presidency into the limelight as only he can do.

He takes a shot at Obama on things such as forecloses, small business taxes, and the debt to the Chinese.

Later in the song, he hammers him on issues Trump has been addressing, such as the job market and illegal aliens.

Mr. Stevens also points to Obama’s one skill, using the teleprompter, but calls him out on the appearance of his overall work ethic, shedding some light on the parties, vacations, and golf outings Barack H. Obama is infamous for since he has taken office.

Yes, the song is funny, but is also sad that everything Ray says in the video is absolutely true.

Obama promised change, and I guess he delivered. He changed America from the greatest and most feared country in the world to a total disgrace and a laughingstock. He changed us alright, just not the way we wanted him to.

Do you like this song? Do you think that he speaks the truth in this song?

Source: News-4

  • Alice says:

    Zgreat so true

  • Phyona Brackney says:

    Love the song. The fact that the lyrics speak the truth of Obama is very sad because so many people believe he was great and did nothing wrong. They could watch him write and sign a letter of confession of his crimes and they still would not believe he did anything wrong. Trying to get people to understand exactly what Obama did get turned around by them and Trump is blamed for the racial divide in this country or that the country is a laughing stock because Of Trump when actually the wold laughs at the weak minded Obama who couldn’t make a wise decision if his life depended on it. It’s ok though because one day these people will know the truth without a shadow of a doubt. It will be sad to see them then.

  • Sheila Rodriguez says:

    Love the song. Ray Stevens got it going on and down pat.

  • CF