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Video captured the moment that a man was injured after a group of protesters attacked a police cruiser as they demonstrated against Donald Trump’s visit on Monday to Sacramento, California.

Reporter Jodi Hernandez of KNTV-TV posted photographs and video of the incident to her social media account.

“President Trump’s visit has brought out supporters and protesters. Demonstrators currently in the middle of Watt Ave.,” Hernandez tweeted.

Hernandez says that protesters surrounded a California Highway Patrol car and some protesters got on top of the roof. In the video she posted, one protester is seen tumbling to the ground after the patrol car speeds away from the crowd.

“Our camera was rolling when anti- Trump protestors surrounded a CHP patrol car. One person climbed on the hood and the officer drove forward. Two people were injured…one was taken to hospital. The crowd had gathered to protest the President as he visited Sacramento,” Hernandez tweeted.

She also posted photographs of the anti-Trump protesters with signs that read, “Trump is a traitor!” and “Trump for prison 2020.”

Other videos of the incident were circulated on social media:

Ryan Hill of KOVR-TV reported that there were about 100 to 200 protesters at the demonstration and that they were blocking an intersection to stop traffic flow.

The president was visiting California in order to meet with local officials dealing with the devastation from numerous wildfires on the West Coast.
Other videos on social media reportedly from the same event showed more protesters attacking pro-Trump vehicles, and one car swerving into the crowd.

The Sacramento Bee reported that police stopped the driver of the green Volvo that swerved into the crowd after they attacked the pro-Trump cars driving by. Two people appeared to be injured in that incident.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

  • WaveForm says:

    Hahhahhahaha, love it when little wannabe socialist smack their poor little pea brains against the pavement!!! Hahhahahahahaha!

  • Charlotte A Dunne says:

    Best President we’ve ever had! TRUMP! ❤️

  • bruce gabel says:

    Right on ! Now that is exactly how police should react to someone jumping on a police vehichle.

    • Annabel says:

      bruce yes indeed….If they jump on the hood of the car accelerate immediately, then brake so they fall off, the accelerate over them and roar away. Justice done.

  • John G says:

    For the last couple months I keep thinking of scenes from movies from many decades ago about cars gone rouge, “Animal House” and “Christine”.

  • Sarge says:

    It just proves how stupid idiots are. I hope he lost all his teeth.

  • CF