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More than familiar with controversy, the animated adult comedy “South Park” is catching heavy flak once again this season — this time for the airing of an episode poking fun at the transgender movement.

Playing on the absurdity of a recent cultural push to include transgender women — better known as men — into women’s athletics, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone pulled out all the stops with their comically outlandish depiction of a hulking, Randy Savage-esque transgender woman’s attempt to “kick some f—ing a–” in a women’s strength competition.

The proverbial salting of open wounds did not stop there, however, with the episode also happening to coincide with the first day of “Transgender Awareness Week,” according to LGBT athletics blog Outsports.

Yet, despite the expectedly ridiculous nature of the episode, and the incessant whining of the LGBT community in response, “South Park” seems to have accomplished the goal of any good satire: to make people reflect on the culture.

This episode has done just that, effectively bringing an overwhelming amount of social media attention to an undeniable trend that has seen hulking transgender women dominating women’s sporting events in recent years.

And this trend finds no better example than that of Hannah Mouncey — whose story made waves for the second time in just over a year in light of “South Park’s” supposedly “transphobic” romp.

Another male athlete claiming female “gender identity,” Mouncey made international headlines last fall when he withdrew his professional draft nomination for the women’s Australian Football League because of perceived discrimination, according to The Independent.

Standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at approximately 220 pounds, Mouncey, who had competed on the men’s national team for handball in 2016, was crowned a hero by the LGBT community for attacking the AFL’s “Gender Diversity Policy” — a policy he claimed was too restrictive.

Apparently, it’s just too much to ask that a man who wants to beat up on women athletically at least demonstrate two years of balanced female hormone levels.

Who could imagine a restriction so draconian?

It isn’t as though the scientific literature has shown time and again that even after hormone replacement therapy, transgender women still have a significant athletic advantage over biological women as a result of their bone and muscle structure.

Oh, wait. Yes, it has.

But in all seriousness folks, just watch Mouncey’s tale of the tape.

The video above just about says it all.

This “woman” towers over each and every girl on the court.

Clip after clip shows Mouncey absolutely manhandling his competition, easily pushing them out of the way and, at times, outright steamrolling over them.

It doesn’t take an expert in anatomy and physiology to recognize that no matter how much estrogen you pump into a post-pubic male — no matter how much a man “feels like” a woman — there are simple biological realities that we cannot ignore.

But maybe it does take a visual explanation.

Maybe headline after headline demonstrating the dominance of transgenders in women’s weightlifting, track and field, mixed martial arts and cycling simply wasn’t going to cut it.

Maybe what people needed was a demonstrably farcical cartoon representation to recognize that the reality of the subject is just as laughably absurd.

Because the truth is, the move to include transgenders in women’s sports is already a caricature of itself.

  • harry says:

    this just proves that the organisations are afraid of the lbtg morons instead of standing you to them it also proves that the lgbt are against women in general. trannies are men they are nothing but lazy ignorant jealous little men even if they are [email protected] very little that he has to complete against women to be a great athlete in his own little mind like all tannies he is shit. a nobody a thief and the organisations are weak moronic fools. i think that women should just walk away from the sport untill the rulling bodies get to grips with this very extremely unfair situation. that means all women at the Olympics don’t take part if there is a tranny in the event that way it becomes a world move against them which is right, refuse to compete against a man end of story they must go they are not men they are just queer little boys, and nothing more

  • Crystal says:

    Women’s sports will never be the same, it will soon be dominates by he she’s and women will lose be forced to stop competing eventually.

  • MAGA says:

    This is just absolutely ridiculous. That freak is still a man, I don’t care what HE identifies as. He cannot change his DNA, so he is still a man. I have an idea. Let criminals identify as being not guilty.

  • Rocketmissile says:

    Liberals are so quick to defend Women’s fights, yet allow men to dominate Women’s sports. Libtardation is a mental disorder.

  • Carl says:

    If women athletes don’t start complaining they will be up shit creek.

  • CF