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In the days leading up to the House of Representatives passing the articles of impeachment against President Trump, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi told members of her party to appear “solemn” during proceedings. “Don’t cheer, keep it solemn,” Pelosi said, according to a swing-district Democrat.

One month later, and the appearances of solemnity appears to have gone out the window.

In an appearance on Bill Maher’s show on Friday night, the House Speaker fist-bumped the comedian.

“Thank you so much for waiting to we got back on the air before starting the impeachment,” said Maher to a laughing Pelosi. Adding, “that deserves a fist-bump, thank you” as he fist-bumped the House Speaker.

Of course, the Democrats were never actually somber about impeaching Trump.

On Thursday, failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was caught laughing on camera before realizing she was being interviewed live on television. “This is a solemn, serious moment” she told an MSNBC reporter, moments after ridding herself of the ear-to-ear smile across her face.

Radical left U.S. Rep. Rasida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who on her election night says “we’re gonna impeach the motherf***er,” was so happy about impeaching Trump that she posted a video to social media celebrating the occasion.

Even reporters joined Democrats on the impeachment festivities. According to TheBlaze’s Breck Dumas, the Washington Post’s team of Capitol Hill and White House reporters made no effort to hide their happiness about the House Democrats’ impeachment of President Trump, and even posted a now-deleted photo on Twitter raising their glasses and toasting to “Impeachmas.”

The Senate is scheduled to begin its impeachment trial of President Trump this week.

In a six-page document expected to be released on Saturday, Trump’s lawyers will address the merits of the two articles of impeachment, charging the president with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, that House Democrats approved last year.

“We are on strong legal footing. The president has done nothing wrong and we believe that will be borne out in this process,” said a source close to Trump’s legal team according to Reuters.

The document is said to describe Trump’s impeachment as a “dangerous attack” by Democrats against the American people and the U.S. Constitution.

  • Ed says:

    OK, some of these folks are certifiably nuts, living in their own pretend world.

  • Susan Bittner says:

    These Democrat Congress ‘Leaders’? are pretty disgusting acting this way towards any President of the United States! They took an oath to support the U.S. and they’ve done nothing but tear it down and attack our President. They all deserve to be fired. No one will ever consider this President to have been impeached – now nor forever as Nancy Pelosi would want it to be. Especially after he is re-elected in November 2020.


    Tlabib is a freaking communist/socialist idiot. Vote her and her “buddies” OUT> RED

  • taterr says:

    Getting these Lib IDIOTS out of office should be the #1. Im an Independent but wear more toward the RT. Was a Dem till this BS started then saw the Light. You dont treat anybody Especially Our President the way they do(The Left) And no President that Ive ever saw was treated this way. Not to this Magnitude. Even the family. An where do the Hollywhacks an Assletes get off tutoring WE THE PEOPLE? You things dont have the first clue(YET) how we live of make a living. Keep your damn MOUTHS SHUT. YOU WORK for US! Not Vise Versa. If we quit buying yalls tickets or movies or goods. Money will slowly dwindle away. Ask the NFL. Media an TV for me are a thing of the past. Do watch documentaries an RERUNS with REAL actors. Which some use to be.An the Lib impeachment parties are fixn to Kik you right in there faces on the WITNESS stand Im afraid. Gavels fixn to fall.

    Enough said

    TRUMP 2020

  • CF